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About Us

AniRadio+ (AniRadio Plus) is an entertainment portal for the latest and the trendiest Japanese-related news and updates primarily on anime, manga, films, music, gaming. lifestyle, events and local news.

Four years ago, we began as a small community of anime fans and Japanese enthusiasts in the Philippines built by just a circle of friends. Today, we are known as one of the trusted entity in the Japanese pop culture industry worldwide aiming to inspire the world by showing it's possible to simultaneously deliver our purpose of providing the latest news and updates to everyone while maintaining the casual connection between businesses and fans alike.

2020 - 2021 is an expansion year for us. We're shifting from local to global through our channels and we aim to build a trusted network of anime-Japanese related contents through partnerships with organizations that has the same interest as we do have.


Apart from being a news source, we are also known to do online-based promotions via social media and website postings, online live social media broadcasts and on-site coverage of anime film premieres and Japanese/anime-related events in the Philippines. As part of the expansion, we have developed a website that will cater our purpose for the public and provide services for those businesses, small or large, who want their products and services be featured.


AniRadio+ is our main portal where all interactions and sub-portals are located. It is a one-stop access area for all of our media and contents.

AniRadio+ News

AniRadio+ News is the dedicated news sub portal of AniRadio+ for the latest and hottest Japanese pop culture news and updates straight from Japan.

AniRadio+ Gags

AniRadio+ Gags is the dedicated JUST FOR FUN sub portal of AniRadio+ for the variety of entertainment posts including memes, gags and anything just for fun!

What We Do


We provide the latest, the most accurate and the most trusted news contents related to anime, manga, films, music, and anything related to Japan.


We list down the most updated charts of upcoming releases and schedules of anime, films and events.


We also create reviews, editorials and feature articles that are timely, interesting, informative, and entertaining.


In partnership with Anime Corner, we list down the best of best from the voice of our audiences around the world.


Aniradio+ is a news media and digital content publishing page and website owned by Aniradio Plus Web Content Publishing, a business name registered under the jurisdiction of the Philippines with DTI-NCR Business Registration No. 19711** issued July 16, 2020, BIR Tax Permit No. 330-474-*** effective October 31, 2020, and with a business clearance in compliance with the requirements of the Local Government Code under Republic Act 7160, Article IV, Section 152.

Our Partners

Here are our trusted partners that are connected with Aniradio+'s vision of giving the best among the best.

Our Services


Website Content Publishing

Share your creations in either articles, digital contents, or in any form related to our focus and expand your reach. Want your contents be publish on our page and advertise your networks? We can help you with that!


Product Promotions and Ads

Want your anime/Japanese-related product or services be featured on our page for boost sales and promotion? Let's talk and negotiate!

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The most trusted digital content and news page in the Philippines for the latest and the trendiest Japanese pop culture news and updates on anime, manga, music, films, games, and current events.

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