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DIGEST: 5 Strongest Class 1-B Students and their Quirks Explained - My Hero Academia

Written by: MJ Masilang | Published on: February 27, 2021 at 5:05 PM PHT (GMT+8)

In Kouhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia, protagonist Izuku Midoriya goes to Japan’s most prestigious superhero school, UA High, and earns a spot in the elite Class 1-A. Obviously, this class is always in the limelight, but 1-A isn’t the only one that houses amazing hero students. Their counterpart, Class 1-B, is also full of talented individuals brimming with the same hope and potential of becoming pro-heroes.

But, who among these 20 students have proven themselves to be worth more than what they seem? For this list, we’ll be looking at 5 of 1-B’s, arguably, strongest students as well as how their quirk works.

NOTE: This following ranking is just an opinion of the author and may be different from your preferences. It may also contains spoilers as in-depth analysis of their abilities and quirks are included in the descriptions.


Hero Name: Lizardi

Quirk: Lizard Tail Splitter

Kicking off the rankings is Setsuna Tokage. She’s one of two students from Class 1-B who were recommended into the hero course, which is evidence to how skilled she really is. She’s a chatty and thoughtful girl who’s well-respected by her peers, who say that Setsuna’s the most skilled and talented in Class 1-B. Her quirk, Lizard Tail Splitter, allows her to split her body into, at most, 50 pieces and control them telekinetically. The usage of this quirk ranges from surveillance to long range combat. What makes Lizard Tail Splitter an effective quirk is how each piece is still fully functional on their own. Setsuna’s limbs are nearly untouchable when they are split because of their small size and high mobility.

However, there is a time limit on how long a piece can stay detached from her. Once that limit is reached, the body part will stop functioning. Setsuna can regenerate lost body parts, but it’s a tedious process that she avoids as much as possible by gathering the scattered parts before the time limit at the risk of her location being discovered.

In the recent Ultra Analysis Book, Setsuna’s overall stats are exceptionally high. She scored a C in Power and A in Speed, Technique, and Intelligence, establishing the fact that she’s a smart and creative fighter, and one of the most talented in her generation.


Hero Name: Vine

Quirk: Vines

Moving on, placing fourth on this list is the soft-spoken yet vindictive Ibara Shiozaki. She’s proven to be a formidable opponent, having earned fourth place during the UA Entrance Exam with a good balance of both villain and rescue points. Though she prefers a more stationary fighting style that relies heavily on her quirk, Vines, which gives Ibara strong vines that grow on her head in place of regular hair. She can lengthen these vines to as long as she wants and manipulate them as much as she wants to.

Ibara is highly proficient at using her quirk and utilizes it offensively, defensively, and restrictively. She can also cut the vines off at will and still control them. The vines are also resistant to electric shocks, which Ibara takes advantage of during the UA Sports Festival in order to defeat Class 1-A’s Denki Kaminari. They also appear to be thorny, but so far, we’ve never seen anyone get hurt by the thorns. And, while they may be tough, the vines can still be cut by someone other than Ibara herself. This student’s weakness lies in her preferred fighting style, which is effective at keeping Ibara at a distance from her opponent, but leaves her vulnerable to high-speed and close-quarters attacks.

In the Super Analysis Book, Ibara scored A in Technique, B in Speed, C in Power, and D in Intelligence.


Hero Name: Gevaudan

Quirk: Beast

This next student will definitely remind you of a certain Beast from the X-Men, but without the blue complexion. Jurota Shishida is definitely one of the strongest students in the class, and probably the strongest when it comes to brute strength alone. His quirk, aptly named Beast, lets Jurota transform into a large, monstrous beast-man with explosive power and behavior. Along with his size, activating Beast enhances Jurota’s strength, speed, durability, and senses. He can easily send opponents flying with a swipe of his claws and scout them out with his enhanced senses of hearing and smell.

Jurota is very well-mannered because of his upbringing, but due to the nature of his quirk, he becomes wilder when he’s in his Beast form. Despite this, he seems to retain his keen intellect, meaning that he is still capable of strategizing against his opponents, but he can still make some ruthless decisions due to surge in euphoria. All of this combined makes Jurota an even more fearsome fighter. To add, high voltages of electricity barely fazes him in this form. It’s more likely that the opponent won’t be able to overpower him, so a battle would come down to trying to outmaneuver and outsmart him.

In the Super Analysis Book, Jurota seems to have well-balanced stats, scoring an A in Power, B in Speed, and C in Technique and Intelligence.


Hero Name: Battle Fist

Quirk: Big Fist

We’re down to the final two! Itsuka Kendo comes in second on this list with her Big Fist quirk, which allows her to enlarge one or both of her hands to enormous sizes while increasing her overall strength, as well. Itsuka’s fists can grow up to three times bigger than her own body, but she doesn’t seem to be affected by the additional weight.

Itsuka is considered to be the “big sis” of Class 1-B and is amazing in both combat and leadership skills. She has an excellent handle on her quirk by primarily using it during close-range and melee combat, but we also see her using it for additional defense, transporting wounded allies, and restraining opponents. In the battle against the Vanguard Action Squad, Itsuka and her classmate, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, faced off against the villain Mustard where she exhibited how capable she really is as a student hero, both in fighting ability, tactical thinking, and compassion. Outside of battle, we see Itsuka comically incapacitating a certain blonde with a jumbo-sized karate chop.

In the Super Analysis Book, Itsuka understandably scored A in Power and Intelligence, and C in Speed and Technique, given that she’s a pretty straightforward fighter.