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'86 -Eighty Six-' TV anime announces Season 2 for October 2021, reveals teaser PV

Written by: Jei Beltrano | Published on: June 27, 2021 at 12:04 AM PHT (GMT+8)

The official Twitter for the TV anime series adaptation of Asato Asato and Shirabi's "86" light novel series has announced on Friday that the second season of the anime series "86 -Eighty Six-" will begin broadcasting in October. A teaser visual was revealed right after the final episode of the first season was aired in Japan. The second season of the series was originally referred to as the anime's second part.

The first season of the series premiered in Japan on April 10 and ended on June 26, 2021.

The series is animated by animation studios A-1 Pictures with Toshimasa Ishii serving as the series director. The series composition is written by Toshiya Ono, and characters are designed by Tetsuya Kawakami. Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto composed the music. Shirogumi developed the CG for the series.

The cast includes:

  • Shouya Chiba as Shinei Nouzen

  • Ikumi Hasegawa as Vladilena Mirizé

  • Seiichirou Yamashita as Raiden Shuga

  • Natsumi Fujiwara as Theoto Rikka

  • Saori Hayami as Anju Emma

  • Sayumi Suzushiro as Kurena Kukumila

  • Haruka Shiraishi as Kaie Tanya

  • Haruki Ishiya as Daiya Irma

  • Daiki Yamashita as Haruto Keats

  • Taishi Murata as Kujo Niko

86 -Eighty Six- key visual

The anime is based on the Japanese science fiction light novel series written by Asato Asato and illustrated by Shirabi which began its publication in February 2017 by ASCII Media Works under their Dengeki Bunko imprint. The series is licensed in North America by Yen Press.

The manga inspired two manga adaptations. The first manga adaptation was serialized since 2018 in Square Enix's seinen manga magazine Young Gangan with illustrations by Motoki Yoshihara. The second adaptation titled "Gakuen 86" by Suzume Somemiya which was serialized in Media Factory's seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive since June 27, 2020.

Synopsis from Fandom:

The Republic of San Magnolia has long been under attack from the neighboring Giadian Empire's army of unmanned drones known as the Legion. After years of painstaking research, the Republic finally developed autonomous drones of their own, turning the one-sided struggle into a war without casualties-or at least, that's what the government claims.

In truth, there is no such thing as a bloodless war. Beyond the fortified walls protecting the eighty-five Republic territories lies the "nonexistent" Eighty-Sixth Sector. The young men and women of this forsaken land are branded the Eighty-Six and, stripped of their humanity, pilot the "unmanned" weapons into battle...


Source: 86 -Eighty Six- Official Twitter


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