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Action-fantasy anime 'Orient' releases PV, airs January 2022

Written by: Nicole Castro

Published on: December 6, 2021 at 17:36 PHT (GMT+8)

Action-fantasy anime Orient is officially scheduled to air on Jan. 5, 2022.

The promotional video (PV) features the opening theme Break out by Da-iCE and the ending theme 「ナニイロ」(Romaji: Naniiro, English: What Color) by Wataru Hatano.

The 'Orient' TV anime series is based on the Japanese manga series of the same title written by Shinobu Ohtaka. Ohtaka is known for creating the manga series Sumomomo Momomo and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Orient was serialized from May 2018 to January 2021 in Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine before transferring to Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in February 2021.

The story revolves around a 15-year-old boy named Musashi and takes place during Japan's Sengoku period. At the time, Japan is ruled by Demons. Musashi tries to confront the demons with a certain special power.


  • Yūma Uchida (内田雄馬) as Musashi

  • Sōma Saitō (斉藤壮馬) as Kojirou Kanemaki

  • Rie Takahashi (高橋李依) as Tsugumi Hattori

  • Satoshi Hino (日野 聡) as Naotora Takeda

  • Hiro Shimono (下野 紘) as Shirou Inukai

  • Azumi Waki (和氣あず未) as Nanao Inusaka

  • Wataru Hatano (羽多野渉) as Hideo Kosameda


  • Original work: Shinobu Ohtaka (serialized in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine / Kodansha)

  • Director: Tetsuya Yanagisawa

  • Series composition: Mariko Kunisawa

  • Character design: Takahiro Kishida

  • Music: Hideyuki Fukasawa

  • Animation production: A ・ C ・ G ・ T

  • Production: "Orient" production committee

Synopsis from MAL:

Five years ago, Musashi made a promise with his friend Kojirou Kanemaki that once they grew up, they would become samurai, form a league, and go on demon-slaying quests. But since then, things have changed. With demons now being praised and worshipped by society, the samurai are shunned and disgraced.

Afraid of revealing his dream of becoming a samurai, Musashi blends into the town's dogma by becoming a miner while secretly polishing his swordsmanship. Meanwhile, despite being a direct descendant of a samurai, Kojirou gives up on his promise to his old friend. However, after saving Musashi from a near-death experience, his perspective shifts. Although still conflicted, Kojirou embarks on a journey with Musashi in the hopes of figuring out his true feelings.

Fighting against all odds, the duo dives headfirst into the unknown world of beast-slaying, not knowing what life has in store for them. Now astride iron horses, the fifteen-year-old heroes plan to restore the tarnished reputation of the samurai and purge the world of demons.


Source: Orient official Twitter, official website, Comic Natalie


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