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Actors Asami Tano & Ryo Kitamura announce marriage

Written by: Nicole Castro

Published on: December 13, 2021 at 13:47 PHT (GMT+8)

Japanese actor Asami Tano has announced via her official Twitter account her marriage to fellow actor Ryo Kitamura.

The same announcement is posted on Kitamura's Twitter account. In said post, they say, "In this short life, we will devote ourselves to working harder than ever, with love and gratitude in our hearts"「限りある人生の時間の中で、更に邁進してお仕事にも向き合い、感謝と愛を胸にこれから先も精進して参ります」。

Ryo Kitamura (北村諒) is a Japanese actor and voice actor affiliated with Eyes. He is famous for his role as Yagen Tōshirō of the film version of Touken Ranbu (2019), and as Jinpachi Toudou for the stage adaptation of the Yowamushi Pedal series. For voice acting, he is known for his role as Saizou Kirigakure in the original video game and anime adaptation for Sengoku Night Blood, as well as for his role as Arashi Narukami in the mixed project Ensemble Stars!

Asami Tano (田野 アサミ) is a Japanese actor and voice actor affiliated with Amuse Inc. Her notable voice acting roles include Akane Hino/Cure Sunny from Smile PreCure, Sarah Kazuno from Love Live! Sunshine!!, and Saki Nikaido from Zombie Land Saga. For acting, her popular roles include Riko Aida in the stage adaptation of Kuroko's Basketball, Guila in the stage adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins, and Mamushi Hojo in the stage adaptation of Blue Exorcist.


Source: Asami Tano official Twitter, Yahoo! Japan news, Comic Natalie


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