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Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 10: Of Friends, Responsibilities and What-Now

Juggling through the list of options, the Scouts are short on time and resources to catapult their mission of clearing speculations of Paradis and reclaiming its footing.

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoiler. You've been warned!

A bewildered Hange confronted Eren in his prison cell.
A bewildered Hange confronted Eren in his prison cell.

Quick Recap: A Sound Argument

“Fight.” Eren in his prison cell and the memories from two years ago.

The rumbling, Hizuru and Historia. The main variables in Zeke’s plan to restore Eldia in its former glory. A negotiation with the Azumabitos through the exploitation of Paradis’ resources was part of Zeke’s plan in strengthening the island to take on the world. An inheritor for the Beast Titan should be determined, dragging the queen Historia in this unending cycle of torment.


Manga Spiel! This episode covered parts of chapter 107 and 108 of the manga. These frames are crucial in developing the story and in understanding the motives and emotions of the characters. What made them arrive at such decisions and why took that path?


Author’s Corner: A closer look on Eren Yeager

On moving forward. Eren might be slowly drifting away from humanity and drawing lines between, yet his friends still are considered dear to him, as seen in their exchanges on the inheritance of Eren’s titans. But with the turn of events, his motives and loyalty were scrutinized. He might inflict more pain on to them, making them turn their backs and abandon all hope for reconciliation. But Eren now is unstoppable and unwavering in his directive. He might have chosen to walk the lonely and dark path as his last resort - maybe so the world cannot create more victims out of innocent lives, maybe his last act to protect what was and is precious to him. That by keeping them away from him, he can spare them from judgement and annihilation and wish a better world where they could be reborn and live long lives. His acts (sins) cannot be atoned nor be reckoned with, but this must be most befitting of his goal. This is beyond vengeance. The thought of having to pass the age of the titans on to their children and their grandchildren does not merely offer a better solution. Eren realized this and gagged at their incompetence and lack of remorse should this be the most plausible means. Will the problem be solved if they turn a blind eye and cower at the feet of the titans’ power?

Eren in his prison cell. Nothing but rage in his eyes.
Eren in his prison cell. Nothing but rage in his eyes.

Random thoughts: Of friends, responsibilities and what-now

Eren. Gone are the days of a small, innocent boy. Maturity hit Eren tremendously, as if he has already decided a future for himself and had grown out of spite of the world and its dirty plays. Fixated on his plight for winning this battle, he can only move forward without hesitating. Tatakae!

Historia. The little girl was gone. Ascending the throne and bearing the responsibilities expected of the royal family, she did not hesitate to take the risk and would be knocking at hell’s gate if that will mean the salvation of her race. A great bargain, but for their redemption, she’d go further.

Historia smiles on teasing Mikasa (the last happy memory).
Historia smiles on teasing Mikasa (the last happy memory).

Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha and Conny. The original squad! They’ve truly outgrown their primitive characters and were dragged to play mature roles to save their race, the world and Eren - never expecting they’d be at a point where they began to question their friendship. They were all at a crossroad. Sure, they had endured and reached this far, even suffering from the pain of losing a comrade and being haunted by the trauma of war. And the circumstances seemed to have taken a toll on them, striking a heavy arrow on their fellowship and good old days.

The original squad! Such a refreshing scene to see them blushing on Eren's regard of them.
The original squad! Such a refreshing scene to see them blushing on Eren's regard of them.

The world is indeed vile - tearing relationships apart, cornering humans to plunge into their deaths. Should the present be living inside the walls and be attacked by monstrous titans, will humanity be saved or perish? The wicked world calls in to play humanity’s trump cards to get out of the situation, but will the gamble be always fair and just? Will there be an Eren who chose to walk alone and end the world? Or will there be an Armin who believes in the power of words to reconcile? These choices shape the future and bestow judgment.

With the conclusion nearing, time is a ticking bomb and a decision that can either save or destroy the world will have to be drawn.

Attack on Titan Final Season new episode releases every Monday, 12:00am JST.

Stay tuned for Episode 11 ("Deceiver")!


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