Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 11: Of Allegiance, Deception and Betrayal

From this point forward, time is of a luxury, and a plan to take on the world must be crafted to save and redeem Eldia. Will there be peace then?

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers, teases and author's perspective/synthesis

The Marley Warrior Unit: a call for a comrade's betrayal and plan for a counterattack

Quick Recap: Deceiver

Gabi and Falco on Paradis. Being held captive after causing a turmoil, the two warrior candidates were detained in prison cells but managed to escape and ran into the forest. There, they met someone who shouldn’t have crossed their path.

Gabi and Falco disguised as Mia and Ben in Paradis

Marley’s plan for counterattack. After learning of a comrade’s treachery, the Warrior unit was enraged and offered a solution for a counterattack.

Manga Spiel! The episode covered the latter half of chapter 108 and 109 of the manga. This follows Gabi and Falco being invited in a household by a girl named Kaya and the unraveling of Zeke’s “betrayal” of Marley, leading to a suggestion for a surprise attack on Paradis. Nothing more nor less from the manga panels. Viewers and readers get what they see on the pages.

Author’s Corner: The silent side of the war

What awaits Eldia? Is it redemption? Or is it doom? Can Eldia reclaim its honor and dignity as a nation that was once revered with the power of the Titans? The Scouts are called in to choose a path. With Zeke’s plan the most plausible and beneficial for Eldia’s return, will the rumbling guarantee such? By wielding Titan abilities, can they be freed of the eternal torment brought about by fear and subordination? Zeke, as he claims to be, is a true Eldian restorationist. His plans and efforts, even resulting to him committing treason to Marley, has proven of his desires for a new Eldia. He might have both nations deceived and wrapped around his finger, yet his acts are purely for Eldia’s sovereignty. Yet, the end does not justify the means. He might save Paradis, but there is no salvation awaiting him for the crimes he had committed to get there - a price that has to be paid and an act which cannot be atoned. This episode may have weak development, but it showed the silent side of the war - choosing sides, clash of ideologies and test of loyalty.

Random thoughts: Of allegiance, deception and betrayal

Gabi. She was ready to throw herself to death if that meant retaliation for Marley. Clouded by thoughts on eliminating the devils of Paradis, she catapulted to enemy land without hesitation. A mirror image of Eren. Betrayed, she has nothing but loathing and fury to Paradis.

A crying Gabi, contrary to her strong and fearless set-up

Eldian Restorationists a.k.a “Yeagerists”. Floch and three new Scout members were caught for leaking information about Eren. They demanded for him to be freed as he is absolved of any charges and that only he can save Paradis from complete annihilation by the world. They have sworn allegiance and loyalty to Eren whom they believed to be the only hope for Eldia. With Yelena and the other anti-Marleyan volunteers detained, how will they carry out their plan?

The "Yeagerists" - fanatics who have highly regarded Eren to be the savior of Eldia

Hange. She is a romanticist - an idealist who regards humanity a wonderful and respectable specimen that is worth preserving for generations. As much as her being a patriot of Paradis, killing millions of innocent lives is wrong, leading to her doubts and opposition of Eren. Could there be a better option? Is there a way to save both Paradis and the world? Their options are a single ticket one-way pass. One should be left behind.

With the end closing in, time is running out, and a decision has to be drawn which will shape the future of Paradis and the world. For Paradis, this is a one-time shot to redemption or doom.

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