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Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 12: The Dawn of the Great Terror

The Yeager brothers get down to business in bringing this act to an epic conclusion!

DISCLAIMER: Minor spoilers ahead and some honest thoughts/perspectives

From grabbing each other's necks to allies, here's to another step into the limelight!
From grabbing each other's necks to allies, here's to another step into the limelight!

Quick Recap: Guides

Attack in the HQ! A murder inside the military further ignited the flames of war in Paradis.

Puzzle pieces. Eren on the loose accompanied by the Yeagerists with hopes of uniting the brothers who claimed to be the last hope for Eldia.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 110 of the manga. This follows Premier Zachary’s death and the alleged mutiny within the Scouts, talks with the anti-Marleyan volunteers (Yelena’s secret talk with Eren before his Marley infiltration) and the military rebels supporting Eren. What you see in the panels is what you get in the animation.


Author’s Corner: The climax

Attack on Titan: The Final Season approaches a critical accelerating point - the world on its feet, waiting for judgment. The premier’s assassination created an opening and a distraction, a front act to get down to business. The episode has a climatic turn on the “great plan” for Eldia in retaking the world, mobilized by the Yeager fanatics with Eren on top of it. The rumbling offers the most reasonable cost for Paradis - Commander Pyxis understood this, that by turning a blind eye to these people’s revolting acts, Eldia will remain as one to prevent further losses and prepared for what’s to come. Despite the scrutiny on the rationality of the rumbling, no other options beamed with a more promising glimmer for Eldia. That this exploitation, despite a huge toll, might go down the history of humanity as a “sacrifice” for the greater good and continuity of life unscathed by fear of the titans. Quite a downplay since the rumbling still cannot guarantee such, for a fact. No deed is too noble (righteous) nor too dull (cowardly) in the verge of a war. The only question is to what extent can one devote the heart for such ideal. The episode kept the passion for reclamation and retribution burning, and that from here on, only those with a strong heart and a firm resolve can survive. Now comes the resolution and ending. A steady and influential gain for a significant turn of events.

Commander Pyxis on leaving the rebels unscathed of their crimes to prevent more losses
Commander Pyxis on leaving the rebels unscathed of their crimes to prevent more losses

Random thoughts: The Dawn for Paradis - the Yeagers

A darker, bolder and more intimidating Eren welcomes fans with the advent of the final installment - and continues to reign supreme on this regard! A gratifying moment and sight to behold. Seeing him in a different light, Eldia began beaming with hope. Eren’s tumultuous growth by conquering his "demons" is one of the greatest developments in anime and manga land, no doubt. Contrary to the stereotypical image of “good” protagonists, he had broken the norms and had laid a path for himself, leading to miscredits and doubts on his context as the series’ MC. Seeing how steadfast his pace is through a prison breakout, he decides to walk alone and not falter on his steps. Eren had made clear at the beginning of the season of his intentions - that he will keep moving forward no matter who or what stand on his way. Abandoning all hope for his own salvation, he made a deep dive into the dark waters and drew his own fate - probably under the influence of his Attack Titan to see into the future. His progress is commendable, though not much applauded. His decisions are nodded at, but not favored. A formidable force but not reckoned with. Still, he walks the talk and gets his act together.