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Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 13: Of Missed Opportunities and Crushed Hopes

Like children lost wandering in the vast forest, humanity has walked the face of the Earth for too long in search for a purpose, ultimately leading to its fate.

Out in the woods, can you find our way out or will you be devoured by darkness and fall to your death?

Finally! Eren wants to talk.
Finally! Eren wants to talk.

Quick Recap: Children of the Forest

The Ragako village incident. Zeke’s tale on how a village fall into submission after launching a gas attack, freezing Eldians. But the worst is yet to come…

A night time story by Zeke!
A night time story by Zeke!

Cheers! It’s great to enjoy a bottle of wine, but will you sip in and relinquish the thought after learning of an unusual additive? Not your typical wine!

Be careful, Jean!
Be careful, Jean!

Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 111 and the first half of chapter 112 of the manga. This follows the encounter of the Scouts with Eren and the restorationists and the sad truth on Sasha’s death. Justice on the panels as these were well-portrayed in the animation.


Author’s Corner: An inconvenient truth

This episode continues the ascend of this season into greater heights on the ventures of the Scouts and Eren who walked different paths in fighting for their own ideals, all for the glory of Eldia. The factions share the same goal but had chosen contradicting means to placate their clamors. Anticipation is still high as Eren had entered and shared the scene with the Scouts - a chance to communicate and reconcile. Tension continues to build up as Eren walked freely for a chat - a bitter reunion. A horrid truth was revealed, earning the Yeager brothers a step ahead in their plan for the “rumbling”. An inconvenient truth. Landing a critical blow with the “real” plan, the episode skyrocketed the feelings of anger and abhorrence with a spoonful of gloom over lost chances and crushed hopes for a better ending. A strong weigh off on friendship and trust; a crucial turn towards the resolution.


Random thoughts: Of missed opportunities and crushed hopes

Nicolo’s resolution. For Nicolo, Sasha has always occupied a special place in his heart. Her showing an interest in his cooking warmed up Nicolo’s coldness and calmed his disgust towards the “spawns of the devil”. Devastated over her demise, he bears a grudge and (as shown in his action) wished for revenge. It’s payback time. A door opened for him and without hesitation, he voluntarily entered the space. Was his decision too much? For someone who lost something precious, his act is fairly justifiable. “An eye for an eye…” A hope for vengeance. Can he be blamed? The guy acted upon instinct - reckless and straightforward - against a kid who, for a fact, was also a victim of the cruel world.

Nicolo on realizing is upfront acts
Nicolo on realizing is upfront acts

E.M.A. Eren suddenly entered the frame for a talk with his two “best friends”. It’s time to hear him out and his plans. Another opportunity presented itself - to convince on taking the lesser violent path for Eldia’s freedom. Can friendship win over hatred and retribution? Eren’s point-of-view is rarely portrayed and relayed, a gap that creates a huge wall of misconceptions and misunderstandings. A missed chance for reconciliation.

Eren on engaging talks with Mikasa and Armin
Eren on engaging talks with Mikasa and Armin

Falco and Gabi. They are Marley’s last hope for peace. With them on enemy ground, can they really fight for their nation’s sake? Fed with a convenient lie, how will they accept the reality concealed to them? A lost chance for understanding. Shattered dreams and false hopes.


Humanity has trodden the world to venture its secrets and live for a purpose. Some may be led astray while others continue to follow the light to not lose their way out. Like Eren, who walks alone continuously, humanity keeps on wandering and moving forward. To see the end of the tunnel or fall into the hidden traps of it, advancing can only reveal its fate.

Attack on Titan Final Season new episode releases every Monday, 12:00am JST.

Stay tuned for Episode 14 ("Savagery")!


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