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Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 15: Eldia’s Last Shot at Redemption

Relinquishing a sad and traumatic childhood, Attack on Titan has continued to stir hearts and instill hope for a justified ending - of redemption or retaliation, only the end has the answer.

With the final episode left, how will the long dispute end? Shinzou wo Sasageyo!

Teenager Zeke Yeager | The Golden Boy
Teenager Zeke Yeager | The Golden Boy

Quick Recap: Sole Salvation

Zeke and his training days. Zeke has a tough and sad upbringing inside the warrior training in Marley.

Awakening with a pinch of betrayal. Having learned of his parents’ true objectives, he committed an act that made him steadfast in his plans for Eldia’s reclamation.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 114 of the manga. This follows Zeke’s growth inside the military training, his encounter with the previous Beast Titan that made him open his eyes to the sad and tragic truth. Utterly cruel.


Author’s Corner: The world is vile.

When you realize there's no one at fault. The Yeager brothers fighting for the Eldian race to save them face and from world hate. The Scouts fighting for Eldia for its survival, omitting genocide as the only means while preserving humanity outside the walls. The world is indeed vile to make these characters risk their lives fighting for it. The only path to reclamation is death, to euthanize Eldia and end the age of the Titans. That if Eldians were never born in the first place, these tribulations and deaths will never be called for. Zeke's backstory has struck a heavy arrow, that in a way, he cannot be blamed for his acts. He, too, was a victim. It pains more to see and realize that nobody can be put on the blame and nobody’s on the wrong side. The episode took a significant turn in establishing Zeke’s ideology, purpose and a harrowing ordeal that awaits him.

Zeke inheriting the Beast Titan from Tom Xaver
Zeke inheriting the Beast Titan from Tom Xaver

Pondering thoughts: The only hope

Is Zeke’s story worth a shot? He is another puzzle piece. An instrument that ignited the flames of redemption for the lost empire. He is a driving force, influencing Eren to take his hand and execute this plan that best serves their ideals. A son’s atonement for his father’s criminality. An Eldian condemning his race for millennia of torment and submission with the harnessing of Titan powers. Salvation for Eldia might be the end of its existence as an empire who incited fear, that its presence is already a threat to the world. If only Ymir had not accepted the devil’s hand, what could have been different? Will Eldia continue to crawl on murky waters? Or has it ceased to thrive in the beginning?

A young Zeke: fearsome, traumatized
A young Zeke: fearsome, traumatized

Zeke’s directive is to free Eldia from further hate and though the once mighty nation might be wiped out, this offers the best consolation and prize for the horrors it gave the world. They may not be left unscathed at the end of this, yet this is the most plausible cause. A proper ending for a new beginning. The only hope, though dim and melancholic. The brothers have thrown away any hope for their salvation when they decided to walk this path. Not everyone can understand.

A pact between brothers
A pact between brothers

People are just but flawed. Everyone has that “bad” attribute. Grisha has his deep-rooted and long-awaited revenge that he lost his wife and son in the process. Zeke cowered in fear of exile to Paradis and turned his back away from his parents. The cruel world shaped humanity as what it is.

Grisha Yeager. Look at Eren's resemblance to his father.
Grisha Yeager. Look at Eren's resemblance to his father.

That last scene with Levi and Zeke as the latter suffers from more wounds given by the captain is utter violence! Zeke played his trump card!


With Zeke’s justification, the final act has been decided.

To stay or falter in their steps, the world will be shaken.

Attack on Titan Final Season new episode releases every Monday, 12:00am JST.

Stay tuned for Episode 16, the finale ("Above and Below")!


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