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Attack on Titan Final Season - Episode 7 [EP Review]

Of allies and adversaries - The final stand-off in Marley unfolds! Spectacularly tragic!

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers. Your call!

Of despair and rage - Gabi's eyes beaming with anger as Marley continued to suffer losses
Of despair and rage - Gabi's eyes beaming with anger as Marley continued to suffer losses

Quick Recap: Assault

Survey Corps got no chills! Eldia’s vengeance continued as they rampage the city, delimiting Marley’s offense.

The god of destruction is here! Just as the naval fleet was engaged, a familiar face showed up and caused a tumultuous explosion, destroying the port.

Levi vs. Beast Titan Part 2! Levi singlehandedly took down the Beast Titan in an “unforeseen” attack. Sneaky!

The Titans went all-out in their attempts to fight for their nation’s cause. Too much bloodshed from both sides.


Manga Spiel! This episode covered chapters 103 and 104 of the manga. The frames were accurately and precisely done, complete with the small details. Well-played!


Author’s Corner: An episode to behold!

This, by far, has to be one of the greatest episodes. Not only is the confrontation nearing its end with more vicious attacks and vantage points for Eldia, but also with major glow-ups. The timeskip surely brought about overwhelming changes - from physique to set-up, a product of seasoning through the years and unrelenting drive for revenge. It is tragically exquisite! The viewers get to see more detailed, strong frames and well-etched representation of the characters (compared to the previous, this looks better and more satisfying). A pang of emotions hit the audience; the fluidity of the progression sent a wave of excitement, fear, sorrow and anticipation of how the characters will make their way through critical blows. The episode got the audience clutching on to their seats as the battle escalated with more twists and turns.

Marler's warrior unit vs. Eldia's Scouts: The Final Showdown!
Marley's warrior unit vs. Eldia's Scouts: The Final Showdown!

Zooming-in: A take on notable characters/scenes

ODM gear. A major upgrade! Sleek and lethal. Paradis had really taken time off to enhance their artillery and battle strategies.

Porco. His paranoia and desperation ate him, causing him to trip over and suffer a major hit from the Attack Titan. Eren had witted Porco out as the latter’s ability been revealed and was exploited to take the War Hammer Titan.

Pieck and the Panzer unit. Felt bad for this squad. Killed and defeated, the Cart Titan was taken down. That photograph in Carlo’s close shot!

Levi. Tsk, that green cape is a signature! High and mighty, he regrouped and led the Scouts in a death march. Don’t die. Survive!

Sasha. Ms. “Potato Girl” is here looking great! Her eyes became cannier and fiercer, devoid of fear and doubt. How she grips her gun aimed at the enemy proves how she’s blossomed into a full-fledged warrior and formidable opponent.

Jean. His entrance when Pieck closed into Sasha deserves an applause! He rose from the ranks. From a “coward” who initially chose to join the Military Police (to be saved and to live in comfort) to being in the Scouts Regiment and now, a “leader” in the battlefield. Sasha and Connie seemed inclined to be after his lead. Jean stole the spotlight! (lowkey Jean stan *winks*) Remember when he seemed to double over on shooting Pieck when Falco stood on his way? What was that? Hesitation? Miscalculation? It seems they are not really the “bad guys” nor the “devils”. Or was it merely the steam off?

Levi x Sasha x Jean. The Scouts delivering their fatal blows on Marley!
Levi x Sasha x Jean. The Scouts delivering their fatal blows on Marley!

Armin and Hange. Hats off to these great minds who dedicated their lives to research and plans for the glory of Eldia! Their glow-ups are remarkable and on-point! Pretty savage, Armin! Hange's looking stiffer and more dignified, befitting a commander.

Attack Titan. Eren had gone through a spurt of development - from the young boy oblivious of the wicked and warped world to a usurper who instills horror in full throttle toward his motives. His titan’s monstrosity has been at large, a representation of him abandoning humanity in his suicide mission. He gained immense control of his titan abilities, amassed with additions.

Armored Titan. Reiner resurfaced from the basement with Falco as he saved them both from Eren’s transformation. Unconscious, he wanted to continue on with his peace and die slowly. Falco and Gabi’s cries seemed to have transcended his subconsciousness. Will this be Reiner’s salvation? Another reunion and adversary. His Titan seemed more humanoid than before. Has Reiner clung more on to humanity despite his death plea?

A "humanoid" Armored Titan closing in with the "monstrous" Attack Titan
A "humanoid" Armored Titan closing in with the "monstrous" Attack Titan

Gabi. See how she gritted her teeth and gripped the gun? Clouded by a dark plot for reprisal, she seemed unstoppable. A character to whom all eyes are set.

“Not all out there are enemies. You have me, Gabi and the others. We are on your side.” - Falco to Reiner

Of allies and adversaries. Humanity dictates who your friends and enemies are. Eldia and Marley share the same plight for freedom, peace, recognition and requital. Who is the real enemy? Who is on the right side? Is there a wrong side? This takes us back to Bertholdt’s outlook of the “real” world - purely wicked, corrupted by earthly and selfish pleasures, pushing humanity to the edge. There is no true ally nor opponent. Everyone is a victim of this cruel world.

A tumultuous explosion and damage as the Colossal Titan zeroed in
A massive explosion as the Colossal Titan zeroed in

Has Eldia guaranteed victory and sought its revenge? How will Marley rise from its damages? We only have to see for ourselves on the next episode!

Attack on Titan Final Season new episode releases every Monday, 12:00am JST.

Stay tuned for Episode 8 ("Assassin's Bullet")! Is this hinting of a character death?


Official Anime Website: Attack on Titan Final Season

Official Anime Twitter: Attack on Titan Final Season

1 commentaire

Gary Montejo
Gary Montejo
25 janv. 2021

thank you for the review!! this is so good... I can relate to this so much while I was watching Ep7, I wanted to cheer on Eren and give a "serves you right" middle finger to Marley but I had to stop and think, that these are the consequences of war and in war, no one is truly the victor.

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