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Black Clover Episode 164: THE WRATH OF CHUBBY CHARMY!

As Black Clover’s 164th episode aired last February 16, 2021, the audience was anticipating some very intense battle scenes befitting the title of “Battlefield: Heart Kingdom”. Sadly, the episode did not deliver to the hype. This is our full review of Episode 164. Tread lightly, spoilers ahead!

This episode also covered sections of Chapter 246 and 251 but was able to cover 249-250.


Quick Recap

Here’s what you’ve missed from the previous episode:

  • Yami Sukehiro and Dante Zogratis engage in a one-on-one battle

  • Grey was revealed as an arcane stage mage using her magic to heal Gauche who was in critical condition

  • Vanica Zogratis has entered the Heart Kingdom causing chaos with her Dark Disciples

  • Luck Voltia shows his much improved powers against Dark Disciple Svenkin Gatard

You can check out the full review of the previous episode here.


The Tree of Qliphoth

Dante and The Tree of Qliphoth

This particular segment of the anime is found on Chapter 246 which bears the same name. However, much similar to its source material, the anime was only able to disclose very little information regarding this as explained by Dante Zogratis during his battle with Yami Sukehiro.

What we know so far is that the Dark Triad needs Yami Sukehiro’s Dark Magic and William Vangeance’s World Tree Magic to create this. Once created, the devils from the underworld will be able to enter the human realm and wreak havoc.

When all hell breaks loose. Literally.

Judging from that information alone, we all know it’s going to be bad news if this happens. But we have no information how it is going to be used, how the Tree of Qliphoth will be created, or what that means for Yami and Vangeance.

Manga readers know there’s still a lot to cover in that chapter that the anime has yet to show. We’ll probably see this in the next episodes so hang tight!


The Battlefield

After last week’s battle between Dante and Yami ensued, the audience heavily anticipated more intense action from what the anime referred to as “Battlefield: Heart Kingdom”. Well, it delivered just exactly that a “battlefield”. Now as for the battle, well, let’s just say it’s just for the supporting cast.

The audience was able to see Luck Voltia’s much needed improvement thanks to last week’s episode. With this one, the battle between Leo Vermillion and Charmy Pappitson against the Dark Disciples were the highlights.

To be quite honest, this particular anime has some very questionable decisions when it comes to the abilities of their characters. Let’s take Charmy for one. In our personal opinion, Charmy has one of the best abilities as her magic allows her to devour the magic of her opponents and convert it into her own power but the output? A barrage of knockout punches.

Charmy's wolf literally cooking the enemy.

We can look past the animals as these are just visual representation of her magic but the way she uses this to attack her opponents is quite gullible. Her opponents get hurt by being seasoned with condiments. What’s up with that?

Leo, on the other hand, has Flame Magic. Unlike Charmy’s Food Magic, Leo’s abilities try to follow the laws of science. Keyword: try. The audience does not look for anything gore or anything similar but if a character is dealing flames of that magnitude, not to mention directly aiming it towards the enemy, one cannot help to expect burnt-to-a-crisp output.

Leo's True Flame Magic: Eruption

It was not disappointing per se but definitely some questionable decisions on how these things were portrayed.


Overall, the episode showcased much improved abilities from the Magic Knights, particularly from Charmy and Leo with easily concluded battles. But the real interesting part is Dante revealing the Dark Triad’s plan to use Yami and Vangeance’s magic to create the Tree of Qliphoth.

The audience can anticipate much more information regarding this in the succeeding episodes but what we all hope to see is for the real battles to start especially with Vanica Zogratis, Megicula’s host, finally meeting Princess Loropechika face-to-face.

Vanica Zogratis

Black Clover Episode 165 entitled “Water Crusade” comes out on February 23, 2021 at 6:25PM (JST).


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

  • The episode briefly touched on the Dark Triad needing Yami Sukehiro’s Dark Magic and William Vangeance’s World Tree Magic to create the Tree of Qlipoth

  • Charmy Pappitson and Leo Vermillion showcasing their much improved abilities in battle were definitely the highlights of the episode but the delivery was quite questionable and, at times, gullible.

  • Vanica Zogratis finally comes face-to-face with Princess Loropechika


Official Anime Website: Black Clover

Official Anime Twitter: @blackclover_PR

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