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Black Clover Episode 166: YAMI HAS A CANNON?!

Yami prepares to surpass his limits

Following last episode’s cliffhanger battle sequence, Episode 166 of Black Clover followed suit with more epic battle scenes with the Magic Knights going toe-to-toe against the devil-possessed Dark Triad: Vanica and Dante Zogratis. This is our full review of Black Clover Episode 166.

“Captain: Yami Sukehiro” covered the first half of Chapter 254 and continued on to Chapters 255-257.

Fair warning, spoilers ahead!


Quick Recap

Here’s what you’ve missed from the previous episode:

  • An alleged spy from the Clover Kingdom carrying a Black Bull grimoire holder infiltrated the Spade Kingdom; He/She was seen looking at the diagram of the Tree of Life Monument

  • Yami Sukehiro, captain of the Black Bulls, engaged Dante Zogratis in battle and managed to land a direct hit

  • Vanica Zogratis revamped her Dark Disciples to continue attacking the Heart Kingdom while she faces off with Noelle Silva, Mimosa Vermillion, Secre Swallowtail, Loropechika and the Water Spirit Undine

You can check out the full review of the previous episode here.


Beyond Limits

Dante Zogratis enjoying his fight

Things are definitely heating up in the battlefield as the main antagonists have started to show their true powers against the Magic Knights. But knowing that these are the main villains of the current arc, they most certainly will not go down without a tough fight.

As the heroes exchange blows with their opponents, the difference in their capabilities become more evident and in true dramatic fashion, characters needed the extra push to unleash powers they did not think they had.

Noelle Silva giving it everything she has

It’s amazing how tough events fuel people to become better. More often than not, people take time to process defeat and dissect them in order to understand what could have been done better/differently that would have resulted into a different outcome. This was definitely evident in this episode as characters were being pushed to the brink by their enemies but having that will to fight allows them to go beyond their limits and give it all they’ve got.

The audience cannot help but be in shock with every critical blow in the battlefield. A great display of epic battle scenes that tugs on the emotional chords of its viewers.


A Lingering Thought

With the past couple of episodes, the show was able to portray the true intentions of the Dark Triad and their main objective of capturing Yami Sukehiro and William Vangeance. However, given the execution of their plan, there seems to be a disconnect coming from Vanica Zogratis’ attack on the Heart Kingdom.

Zenon Zogratis successfully captures William Vangeance while Dante Zogratis is currently in battle to secure Yami Sukehiro. If the latter succeeds, the Dark Triad will be able to obtain everything they need in order to create the Tree of Qliphoth. That being said, why is Vanica Zogratis still attacking the Heart Kingdom? Would it not be more efficient if she just helped either Zenon or Dante to accomplish their objective?

Creepy smile from Vanica Zogratis

It was made clear that Vanica has some history with Loropechika and Undine but that entire battle sequence does not align with their set objectives. Are we missing something here? Is Vanica that bored and has the luxury of time to just mess around with everyone in the Heart Kingdom? Or is there some ulterior motive behind this?


“Captain: Yami Sukehiro” delivered its intense battle sequences in true dramatic, anime fashion as it featured the main characters exchanging blows in the battlefield. At full strength, either side manages to catch their opponents off-guard with each strategy they have prepared prior and new ones they create on a whim. As the fights further escalate, the audience cannot help to be drawn more with every scene.

Asta and Yami together in the battlefield

The episode also ended on an even higher note as Asta rejoins the battlefield on a moving display of trust from his captain.

Black Clover Episode 167, “Black Oath”, comes out on March 9, 2021 at 6:25PM (JST).


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

  • Tough encounters fuel people to become better and surpass their limitations

  • A disconnect in securing the Dark Triad’s objectives comes from Vanica Zogratis as her attack on the Heart Kingdom does not benefit their cause

  • The anime draws its audience with every battle scene as characters catch their opponents off-guard with every exchanged blow

  • The episode ended on a higher note as moving display of trust from Yami Sukehiro fuels Asta to return to the battlefield


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