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'Black Clover' movie reveals release date, to open in Japan in 2023

A special PV for the manga's 7th Anniversary was also released along with the announcement of the movie's premiere date in 2023.

By: Jei Beltrano on March 13, 2022 at 11:33 PHT (GMT+8)
©Yuuki Tabata/SHUEISHA, Black Clover Production Committee

The official Twitter for Yuuki Tabata's Black Clover franchise has announced on Sunday (Monday JST) that the previously-announced anime film project for the series is scheduled to open in Japanese theaters in 2023.

A special PV for the manga's 7th Anniversary was also released.

The staff and cast from the TV anime series are reprising their roles for the movie.

More details will be revealed in the future.

About Black Clover

The Black Clover series is based on the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 2015, and has been collected into 25 tankōbon volumes as of July 2020.

The manga inspired a TV anime series produced by Studio Pierrot, which started airing from October 2017 until the present with the first two seasons each consisting of 51 episodes. The third season premiered on October 1, 2019. It is directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu writing scripts, Itsuko Takeda doing character designs, and Minako Seki composing the music.

On March 28, 2021, a movie project for the series has been announced. A year after on March 13 (March 14 JST), it was revealed that the movie is scheduled to open in Japanese theaters in 2023.

Plot of Black Clover

Source: Black Clover Official Twitter




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