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Cells at Work! Code Black Episode 11: To Be or Not to Be Saved

In a desperate and depressed state, Glasses lunged at this dying body with a cry for help and over the losses under this black environment.

Down to last two episodes, what kind of ending awaits these cells?

Glasses' cry for help against this helpless, crumbling body
Glasses' cry for help against this helpless, crumbling body

Quick Recap: Desperation, Gout and Rebellion

An enemy you can’t fight. The body has encountered another predicament with a “novel” fiend unscathed by the WBC attacks. Turns out that this is not a pathogen, but rather a uric acid crystal! The continued ravage by the WBCs incited inflammation, leading to gout. How can they protect the body without engaging the enemy?


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 8 of the spin-off manga. This follows Glasses in a depressed state after suffering from a friend’s loss. A tragic turn on the pages!


Author’s Corner: A pivotal turn

Contrary to his cool demeanor, a rather rebellious and loathsome Glasses was seen in this episode. Drown in guilt over a friend’s death, he withdrew from work and hoped for his immediate end, as seen in his attempt to be salvaged in the spleen. Despite his too-good-to-be-true work attitude and reliability, this side of him showcases a more realistic tendency caught at difficult times - that one crumbles at the face of exhaustion and defeat from pressing issues. A true-to-life depiction of work exhaustion and life stress with a dash of sad points including death. Caught up in his “demons”, he let out a cry and started attacking the body. Can he be blamed for losing his self along the process? This episode speaks of an unspoken truth which left real, lasting emotions of guilt, pity, hopelessness and desperation. It was a pivotal turn of events. Somehow, these frames are relatable and accurate that viewers can nod at. That these thoughts are valid and form the very nature of humanity that is weak and exploitable, yet continues to overwhelm the world with its astonishing growth. How Glasses deals with his “true” feelings (venting up his frustrations) and how to get back on his feet despite this world giving up all hope for salvation - these contexts call for a great dose of development to bring about change. Although a bit dramatic, this sort of play creates a shift towards the resolution and an ending in which everybody hopes for a gleeful one.

The rebellious act against this black environment!
The rebellious act against this black environment!

Random thoughts: Somebody to lean on

It was disheartening to see Glasses eaten by his guilt and troubles. For someone to lose his cool under harsh circumstances, he is no one to blame. The walls are pressing in and pushes a heavy load on him. This led to his strife, a plea for help and a cry over the losses - that this body needs to help itself so that the cells can continue fighting for its survival despite the never-changing turn of the tides. When he was devoured by darkness, a friend took his hand and drew him into the light. White Blood Cell UU1196 is a savior and a good friend. Seeing the white blood cells in their typical set-up of killing any invading matter, this “soft” side is but new and alluring. Having talked sense and getting rid of that burden of self-blame, she became an anchor and a tool for Glasses’ continued development as the key player of the series. A breather. That was a relief. Surely, Glasses had felt that with a “good cry” ending his torment.

Sending hugs from WBC to RBC! Here's a tight hug to everyone out there battling their own "demons".
Sending hugs from WBC to RBC! Here's a tight hug to everyone out there battling their own "demons".

The world giving up on humanity might be a thing, but humanity abandoning the world is worse than any black environment. Despite the countless battles, the world hopes to be saved. This task was designated to humans who walk the face of the Earth, seeking out their purpose and ultimately realizing that along the process, the world is healing and eventually gets better.

A friendly reminder: Take care of your bodies before it’s too late!

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