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Cells at Work! Code Black Episode 12: Endgame

The heart stops and soon, this body will. The cells are now at the mercy of this crumbling abode, awaiting their endgame.

DISCLAIMER: Spoiler-free. Just a take on the closing end.

A run towards the light. The last act!
A run towards the light. The last act!

Quick Recap: Return, the Heart and Demise

A comeback! Welcome back, Glasses!

Heart attack! The worst has come! The coronary arteries blocked by plaques, making it impossible for oxygen to be delivered to the cardiac muscle. Is this the end?


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 9 of the spin-off manga. It follows the cells and the subsequent shutdown of the body following the cessation of the heart. The manga portrayed the tragedies of this “black” world which was well-manifested and delivered by the animation.


Author’s Corner: The resolution

After battling his demons and overcoming outbursts of self-blame, our favorite fellow, Glasses, is back on track! Another MC redemption moment. It sent hope as well, that despite the tribulations life throw, being courageous to take it on still wins. Though this premise is a given, it is still a gratifying scene. That humanity remains strong amidst the complexities and adversities of life. Losing oneself along the process might be an option, but Glasses proved greater that his fears, his monsters. Not much action here, but internal battles being won surely gave the same level of thrill and satisfaction. That “yey” moment!

Someone's getting ready for work!
Someone's getting ready for work!

Just then, a more pressing issue has presented itself and incited fear to all the cells. With the wave of diseases and enemies the body has faced and endured, it all comes down to this final stage, the breaking point. The episode escalated the feelings of exasperation, fear and desperation over life. It continued to create significant thrusts in bridging a proper ending. As death knocks on its door, the urgency to fight for the last time can be seen from the cells. By far, this one sent horrendous chills as to the endgame of these cells. The make-or-break moment! After reaching a climatic turn, everyone has to make the final call for their survival - the resolution.


Random thoughts: Of hope and endings

Resolve. Seeing how the “higher-ups” gave up the fight this body has long endured is a bit disappointing. But in such a tragic environment, hopelessness lurks. What was gratifying in this scenario was the unwavering dedication of some, if not all, cells to look at the positive side of things and never lose hope until they see the end of this. “It’s not yet over.” But what awaits them as they clung on to lost hope?

Drifting way. The gradual turning off of lights a.k.a. shutting down of the body’s functions further foreshadowed the grim fate of this dying body - an effective play on twisting both the characters’ and the audience’s disposition for a hope of a better ending. That “awwww” moment is here!

And the screens were gone! Is this the end?
And the screens were gone! Is this the end?

The ending was a total cliffhanger! It left the audience with thoughts, theories and questions, that only with the unfolding of the last episode will be cleared off. Glasses plunging into what looks like a dive is a metaphorical regard to how this will all end.

The make-or-break moment! It's hero time!
The make-or-break moment! It's hero time!

Down to the last episode, the cells approach judgment day. The series has had a long run of battles with invaders and confrontations - internal conflicts and interpersonal disputes - but had survived each wave fair enough. Now, the end is here. Will they succumb to this failing body or will the tables turn and shine a ray of light into a more promising and brighter future for these cells? Can miracles happen? Looking forward to the series’ finale!

How do you feel about this series and its upcoming end? The final act is upon us!

Cells at Work! Code Black last episode releases on Saturday (March 20) at 12:30am JST.



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