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Cells at Work! Code Black FINALE Episode 13: Teamwork makes the dream work!

With the curtains closing, does death await the cells or will they be saved? It’s now or never!

The last episode unfolds!

One last cry from the cells!
One last cry from the cells!

Quick Recap: Cardiac Arrest, Revival and a Change

The end is here! In a last attempt to save this body from demise, the cells made their loudest battle cries to refuel the failing heart. Will the cells succumb to the crumbling body or will a ray of hope shine upon this “black” environment?


Manga Spiel! The last episode covered chapter 10 of the spin-off manga. It follows the cells in their last feat to win over this dying body. Tragically manifested packed with feels of hope.


Author’s Corner: Greatness in numbers

Finally down to the last episode! Couldn’t ask for a more justifiable and appropriate ending for the cells. Gratifying and satisfying, the conclusion draws in the concept of “greatness in numbers”. For the last act, the RBCs launched an all-out rampage in running through blood vessels to have oxygen delivered to all parts of the body. This episode speaks of humanity’s strength and resilience when confounded with the worst possibilities. Faith in humanity restored as these cells did not falter despite fatigue and hopelessness. It’s always stronger together! With teamwork, the body averted death and the world seemed a bit better, brighter.

Stronger together | Greatness in numbers
Stronger together | Greatness in numbers

Lingering thought: Of new waters

The cells might have overcome the greatest hurdle by far, yet this only marks another journey ahead. Isekai-ed! Endings signal new beginnings, new start-ups. Just when things have calmed a bit, they got sucked into another body - darker, raunchier than before! What awaits them? Off to another grim universe!


Author’s Over-all Rating: 8.0

Plot: 7/10 | A typical hero story in an atypical world. A beacon of light amidst darkness. Predictable plays yet with some game-changers that caught audience off-guard. A good pacing enabled a gradual build-up on conflict and resolution, sending a surge of emotions from the audience as the episode count increases. Each episode has its own story, free and fluid. Though independent, the plot ventured more on character developments, a good catch every episode. Fairly satisfactory.

Animation: 9/10 | The portrayal of a dark world was effectively delivered through dark-etched, solid lines, strokes and highlights. The dull palette created a grim and melancholic air, befitting of a tragic world. Fear, anger and desperation were well-captured on the characters, effectively communicating these thoughts. A change was seen when color schemes became lighter and richer, a personification of a world that is “healing”. Highly satisfactory.

Development: 8/10 | Realistic and relatable yet overplayed. Sure, Glasses’ growth deserves salutations and reverence. His character is someone to reckon with. Optimism is good, yet too much can break one off. It would be more exciting should other characters were drawn into the spotlight and be given reclamation and justification of their contexts. Still, Glasses was able to represent humanity, tired yet unwavering, weak yet hardworking, fearsome yet hopeful. Highly satisfactory.


But audience were still robbed off the deepening relationship of Glasses and WBC U-1196. That blushing scene!

Looking out for this...
Looking out for this...

In a nutshell: Cells at Work: Code Black gave the audience a taste of the horrid side of the world. Apart from the good depiction of a diseased body, the series mimicked real-life situations on work-life balance, affecting the viewers in all aspects of living. A great build-up on character development. The world might be rude, cruel and hopeless, but it is a risk to take. As we walk the face of the earth, we carry the weight of this reality and that’s what makes life thrilling, enjoyable and worth fighting for.

The world is healing.
The world is healing.

Cheers to all the cells as they begin another conquest for survival!

Salute to all who persevere, this too shall pass!

Off to new beginnings and better endings!


Official Anime Website: Cells at Work! Code Black

Official Anime Twitter: Cells at Work! CodeBlack


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