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Cells at Work! Code Black - Episode 3 and 4 [EP Review]

“Put your lives on the line…”

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers. Your call!

Glasses' quirk?!?!
Glasses' quirk?!?!

Quick Recap: [EP3] Excitement, Expansion and Emptiness; [EP4] Frontline, Gonococci and Conflict

Excitement and expansion! The body entered the state of arousal. Red blood cells rushed in to cause dilation of the blood vessels but were then pushed back as the fragile body suffers from erectile dysfunction!

Emptiness. Having overcame the situation due to sildenafil, RBCs re-entered the blood vessels to push the walls and create an expansion. After achieving 100% erection status, ejaculation came about. Sperms were released! A travel to another universe in search of the egg, a step towards reproduction, the continuity of life!

RBCs rushing in to push the walls but were met with a disaster!
RBCs rushing in to push the walls but were met with a disaster!

Frontlines. Turns out that the erection-ejaculation is merely for sexual relief! What about those sperms? With the crumbling body succumbing to infections, gonococci infiltrated the area and started proliferating at an insane speed! WBCs, assemble! Another tough day for a dirty job!


Manga Spiel! The two episodes covered chapters 3 and 4. Whereas the manga had been too gruesome (messier!) and frightful (especially the gonococci folks), the anime had somehow a tamer premise, still the atmosphere and conflict were sustained with the same gloomy and dark shadow of what’s to befall the white blood cells in their plight to annihilate the invaders.


Author’s Corner

These episodes had another take on these cells taking on dirtier and more perilous tasks as the weakened body continues to be confronted by pathogens. As the journey continues, the cells plunge into darker and more death-defying missions that surely took a great hit on the audience. Surprisingly, the recent episodes had a great ploy in escalating fear (imagine how formidable can the next enemies be), excitement (on more character developments, yes!) and anticipation of how terrible and scarier the job these cells will have to endure more. They did not fail in capturing and portraying the same vibes from the manga panels. Another spotlight moment for Glasses here! Just when the WBCs are subdued by the monstrous gonococci, our guy crossed the line and stood firm with a decent amount of strong will to carry out his mission even at hell’s gate. Right then, a turn-over of events came into light as penicillin has been introduced and destroyed the cell wall (tough defense they got there!), making the WBC rampage easier. Gonorrhea cured! Whew! (for now)

Glasses' strong frames featuring his great deal of drive to keep going
Glasses' strong frames featuring his great deal of drive to keep going

Random thoughts: to ponder and anticipate

  • “This fight is a losing (noble) battle.How do you fight a battle knowing the chances of winning are too slim? With what amount of determination? Under what merits? Is being dedicated to the job worth sacrificing one’s life for? Nevertheless, the WBCs ultimately throw their lives to defeat the enemy - typical loyalists who are true to their nature and word.

  • How many more cells need to lay their lives ahead? It’s disheartening to have witnessed an immense loss (the Captain though, she’s a likeable character!), still this is something these cells will have to bear.

  • Can this body be saved? Can this body revert to its healthy state?

  • Ohh more characters joining the death squad! T-cells will enter the battlefield! What are they up to and who are they against with?

Conflict arises when the "enemies" subdued the WBCs! What a turnover of events!
Conflict arises when the "enemies" subdued the WBCs! What a turnover of events!


“Rookies have no refusal rights. We leave the dangerous jobs to the rookies. That’s how it’s always been done.”

True enough. This set-up has been always on-point and a sad reality. Talk about responsibility and scapegoats. Salute to all rookies out there! Your efforts are well-appreciated!

“The higher-ups have no idea what it is in the front lines.”

Unless you get in their shoes, you’ll never know what it feels like to be “sacrificial lambs”. Easier said than done. Get down there and have a taste of this horrid situation!


A breather: “When it comes to White Blood Cell, you totally go through this personality change.” Does this signify a deepening connection of Glasses with WBC U-1196? Hmm…


With the unfolding of events, the audience can only root for these cells to survive. A pang of pity and second thoughts there as a more upfront background on their tragedies were revealed. Those sperm cells are too cute and naive for their fate to have ended like that - or so Glasses thought.

Sperms on the run!
Sperms on the run!
“Even when there’s no hope of winning, we’re going to go on fighting. Don’t die in vain.”

CODE BLACK! Even at the face of death, a call for duty will always stand tall. Commendable!

A friendly reminder: Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection. Protect yourselves! *winks*


What thoughts were stirred up with the recent two episodes? Slide in the comments section and let's discuss!

Cells at Work! Code Black new episode releases every Saturdays at 12:00am JST.


Official Anime Website: Cells at Work! Code Black

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