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Cells at Work! Code Black Episode 5: In a state of confusion and despair

“I believe that if I gave it my all and worked like crazy, then this deplorable, code black environment would get better. But is that really true? I wonder.”

DISCLAIMER: Might contain some tease from the manga. Your call!

New cells marching in! Killer T-cells on the move!
The death squad march! Killer T-cells on the move!

Quick Recap: Overwork, Hair Loss and Delirium

Overwork. Everyone has a breaking point. Just so happened that these cells are at their limits already! (too stressful, eh?) When exhaustion kicks in, confusion arises. The killer T-cells wreaked havoc as they lost control of their intuition and targeted the hair matrix cells - threshold breached.

What?! A killer T-cell ambushing a hair matrix cell!
What?! A killer T-cell ambushing a hair matrix cell!

Hair loss. A consequence of attacking the “self”, the hairs have been falling off their roots! In a state of delirium, the killer T-cells ambushed the crown.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 5 of the manga.

A key difference: In the manga, Glasses and White Blood Cell U-1196 are casually talking. The animation featured a scene where Glasses caught a glimpse of WBC U-1196 working out amidst her injuries. Guess the anime series has a different take in brewing a “closer” relationship between the two. The way Glasses blushed many times with their small talk hints on something!

Hey, too obvious! A "closer" relationship brewing!
Hey, too obvious! A "closer" relationship brewing!

Different ending = plot twist? The episode ended with a scene foreshadowing another tragic news for the cells - RBCs seen in urine! Whereas the manga featured a scene where WBC U-1196 noticed her comrades missing. Is this a tease for a possible twist or a change of flow or a skip? (Manga readers might have noticed this “jump”.)


Author’s Corner: More tangled webs

The episode still had a great turnout of events in building profile and spiking up development, especially with the main protagonist. As productivity became reduced to a bare minimum due to short staffing and tough working conditions, Glasses continues to work his way around, befitting the MC role. As far as his outgrowth is concerned, a reliable with a decent amount of willpower and inspiration draws a predictable yet promising character. Waiting to see more distressing scenarios and tangled webs!

The smile has dawned your eyes, Glasses!
The smile has dawned your eyes, Glasses!

Zooming-in: A take on some notable scenes

Glasses is smiling! Just when the world seemed to be in a bleak, Glasses can be seen smiling as he carried on with his oxygen-delivering. A beacon shines, a somehow more positive outlook despite the inevitable.

Killer T-cells running amok! Can’t blame these poor cells for being pushed to their limits. Imbued with the natural instinct of saving the body through their selfless suicide missions, these cells became victims of a tragedy - a failing human body. Understanding one’s nature and living to the expectations have merits and limitations. All are expected to be at their best, yet the frailty of the human body is also a given. See how monstrous the Commander T-cell had become? Desperation got him, unlocking a “monster” of strong conviction to annihilate the enemies to the point of snapping out - losing anchor, falling into despair.

Commander T-cell: From rage to despair!
Commander T-cell: From rage to despair!
“Where is this world heading?” - Glasses

In a state of confusion and despair. The future may seem too gloomy and dark for these cells, yet the challenge for survival still strikes a heavy arrow to their resolve. Under impossible and pressing situations are everyone called for to step up his/her game and turn the tides. When life throws more challenging quests, human nature makes a double effort to pierce the high wall up ahead.

See how the cells work hard? This is our call - a take on building healthier bodies.


Thoughts on this episode? Join the discussion in the comments section!

Cells at Work! Code Black new episode releases every Saturdays at 12:00am JST.


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