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Cells at Work! Code Black Episode 6: In a sea of tears and a bed of stones

Entangled in a series of unfortunate events, the cells are caught in an unceasing battlefront!

DISCLAIMER: Might contain some tease. Your call!

A horrifying look on the RBCs! What was that?
A horrifying look on the RBCs! What was that?

Quick Recall: Kidneys, Kidney Stones and Tears

Kidneys. The “silent” organs responsible for filtering blood and eliminating waste products. Glasses and his pal spent time in the nephron to get “cleaned”.

Kidney stones! To their surprise, a 1-centimeter renal stone impaled the ureter lining, causing RBCs to be thrown in the urine - hematuria. Just when lithotripsy is done to eliminate the stones, it created an avenue for the entry of a troupe of bacteria! WBCs are summoned to the area to prevent invasion.

A renal stone impalling the ureter wall
A renal stone impalling the ureter wall

Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 13 and 14 of the manga. A significant leap there, right? Since the series is listed for only 13 episodes (with the manga having 50 chapters), only selected frames will grace the small screens. Nevertheless, the tragic and horrendous feel of the panels were well-played in the series. Not bad enough.


Author’s Corner: Tears as double-edged swords

With the chain of unpleasant encounters and mischief brought by a failing body, the cells are driven to their limits. This spin-off series has a serious take on a dying specimen, the consequences of undesirable health habits and infestation of diseases, all at the expense of the millions of cells inside. The glomeruli were seen shedding tears as an elder died while protecting the group. Whereas tears are symbolical to conveying sad and mellow emotions, they are also sources of renewed strength and disposals of rage and fear. Crying does not make a person less of a person, nor signifies a weak personality. It is a display of emotions and a call for a new disposition to take on life as we know it.


Random thoughts: zooming in to some fine details

A series of fortunate events?! Glasses and his comrade shared a short joyful moment when they toppled over and got themselves filthy. Look at those genuine smiles!

A brief moment of joy shared by the RBCs
A brief moment of joy shared by the RBCs
“Unless we keep working, this body will soon be riddled with waste products. Get to work in silence.”

Sad but true, this is the reality of a code black environment. The moment the cells cease to function well, the body nears its doom. Unless that job is executed properly, this ill-stricken abode will not last long. Sucks, right? No time to waste. No room for complaints.


Slice-of-reality: "burnout"

“There are times when we just want to cry.”

Ever had a moment you just want to sit/lay still and let the frustration vent up to the point of crying your eyes out? The “burnout” sensation. As tough as we think we might be, human nature is weak and exploitable. Humans do have limits and a breaking point. It is normal to become overwhelmed by these thoughts/feelings and just let it all out in a good cry.

A glomerulus tearing up on pent-up emotions
A glomerulus tearing up on pent-up emotions
“That even if you’re suffering and let yourself complain about it, there’s nothing you can do.”

Another reality strikes! Time is of an essence that should be spent on worthwhile things such as getting yourself beaten up with work (and more work, to add). True that there will come a point in time where we lose hold of ourselves, agonized by pain, fatigue and whatnots - it’s a human thing. Humans indulge themselves in a sea of malevolent waves and tides. Still, the cruel world leaves us with no choice but to get back on track and finish the job. Wicked? Welcome to our world!


In a sea of tears and a bed of stones. Going halfway through the series, this spin-off takes the audience on a suicide expedition inside a body confounded by illnesses. Yet, the cells’ resolve in continuing on walking the dark path amidst the perils is commendable and inspiring - a call to have a double look on one’s well-being and to glorify the human body as a wonderful venture.

WBCs in another close combat with a battalion of invaders
WBCs in another close combat with a battalion of invaders

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