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Cells at Work! Code Black Episode 7: The Ups and Downs of Friendship

The test of friendship: The uneasiness of being in the shadow fazed Glasses’ comrade, causing him to be tangled on the web of jealousy.

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers. Your call!

Of a friendship spanning the test of unfavorable circumstances
Of a friendship spanning the test of unfavorable circumstances

Quick Recap: Caffeine, Temptation and Jealousy

Of stress. Accumulation and oxidation of free radicals (primarily due to stress) resulted in the development of reactive oxygen species (ROS), substances that escalates cell aging. See how the young cell aged in a span of seconds!

Cells aged rapidly due to ROS.
Cells aged rapidly due to ROS.

Of caffeine and addiction. Glasses’ fellow worker took a time off to the small intestine where he had a “power surge” due to caffeine and arginine shower. But as the effects dawn on him due to dependence, he became listless, drowned on his insecurities and almost plunged to his death as the body suffers from a nosebleed.


Manga Spiel! This episode covered chapters 12 and 15 of the spin-off manga. The animation moderately toned down the tragedies depicted in the manga panels. Still, audience can share the sentiments and frustrations of these cells suffering each day, venturing on more troubled jobs than before.


Author’s Corner: The test of friendship

Glasses’ companion fell into despair seeing his friend earn recognition as the Top Rookie and praises from his unparalleled efforts. Jealousy kicked in, and he had pondered on the thought of proving himself good enough not to be under the shade. “How come we’ve grown this distant?”, he thought. While these thoughts are clouding around, their friendship was challenged. The “test” seemed to take a toll on them, yet the moments they shared are far greater than their fears and doubts.

A fellow worker felt lost in the "shadow".
A fellow worker felt lost in the "shadow".

Random thoughts and slices-of-reality: On friendships, life and death

The fear of the inevitable - death. More of the fear of living one’s life without actually seeking out one’s true purpose. Their dialogue with a sebaceous gland cell who is at the verge of committing “suicide” to serve its purpose gave off the undeniable truth and fate of these cells. Just like how the cells have accepted their reality to work limitless until breaking point, life is all about searching for that mission and to live a life in accordance to that set-up. At the face of death, everyone crumbles to his/her knees, overpowered and lost.

Drawn to the edge. Glasses’ comrade was eaten by his inferiority complex. While this served as a push for him to do better, he was deluded by desperation. Being associated with some who is a “hotshot” frustrates him even more, knowing he is out of his friend’s league. He engrossed himself on caffeine to experience a great amount of strength and bravery to take on more perilous jobs, without realizing the adverse effects of his growing dependence.

A "power surge" from caffeine vs. the consequences of intoxication
A "power surge" from caffeine vs. the consequences of intoxication

“No man is an island.” At these trying times, receiving help and support from friends takes on another level. Establishing support groups fuels up and draws in more motivation to keep going amidst the struggles. As Glasses found a good friend in him, he, too, has found an amazing foundation in Glasses. They drew inspiration and will from each other, that there is still a reason to smile and carry on with each day.


When nature presses more problems, human nature pulls the strings to work it out. As humanity continues to be confronted by bigger problems, it builds on a greater foundation to take on the adversities. Friends are part of our base support and serve as anchors. Having them beside gives inspiration and comfort.

Overcoming the "test" of friendship, a tragedy was prevented.
Overcoming the "test" of friendship, a tragedy was prevented.

Cheers to friendships that stood the tests of time, distance and circumstances!

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Cells at Work! Code Black new episode releases every Saturdays at 12:00am JST.


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