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Cells at Work! Code Black Episode 8: The Hero in Us

On RBCs saving the day: Everyone has a role to play and a mission to seek out true potentials, unleashing the hero within.

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers. You've been warned.

Of ups and downs: Glasses seemed to be in a twisted situation.
Of ups and downs: Glasses seemed to be in a twisted situation.

Quick Recap: Calves, Pulmonary Embolism and Quick Thinking

Blood clots everywhere! Glasses and his friend almost got stuck on a blood clot when pushed by fellow RBCs who took a “liking” of them. Talk about playing dirty! But someone came to their rescue!

Pulmonary embolism. With the build-up of pressure from the lower torso due to mobility (after days of inactivity), the clots were also mobilized and were drawn at top speed towards the lungs! A block might damage the respiratory organ due to non-entry of oxygen.

A huge ball of RBCs! A blood clot blocked the entrance to the lungs.
A huge ball of RBCs! A blood clot blocked the entrance to the lungs.

Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 16 and 17 of the spin-off manga. The animation had quite a turn of events geared towards establishing a deeper connection with Glasses and “the White Blood Cell” when the latter takes an earlier appearance compared to the manga context. Well, a calmer air seemed befitting of the dire situation the cells have yet to face, right? Quite an interesting play!


Author’s Corner: RBCs saved the day!

Everyone is a hero. Each cell or part of the body has its role to play to contribute to its better functioning and is as equally important as the others. Just as the body depends on the white blood cells to protect the body from impending damages brought by untoward entry of “invaders”, the human body needs the other cells to step up their game and work their way through adversaries and conquer the inevitable for its rehabilitation and survival. Though looking into the impossible, Glasses was quick in finding an alternate means to deliver oxygen to the lungs. Desperate times call for desperate measures. With sheer motivation and luck, they were able to prevent a greater tragedy.

Through the tiny capillaries! An alternate way to the lungs. Oxygen needs to be delivered!
Through the tiny capillaries! An alternate way to the lungs. Oxygen needs to be delivered!

Random thoughts and slices-of reality: The sad tragedies of work-life cycle

Of exhaustion. Glasses with his friend and a senior had a detour to the liver for a quick relief when they noticed a “plague-stricken” area compared to the lively “night-life” back then. A hepatocyte was also seen, groggy with dark circles on her eyes due to “fatty liver”, a consequence of chronic alcoholism. This affected the hepatocytes to the point of exhaustion. Everyone keeps getting pushed to their limits and seemed to have taken a toll of the overwhelming stress.

A "wasted" hepatocyte, a product of a "fatty liver"
A "wasted" hepatocyte, a product of a "fatty liver"

Talk about annoying “senpais”! Bullies and gangster dudes keep getting drawn into the picture. These fellas were also the ones who pushed Glasses’ comrade to his desperation and frustration. Seeing how the rookies worked to their limits seemed to hit them with a pang of nostalgia with a dash of jealousy looking back at their “prime” years. The picture of hardworking newbies annoys them, maybe not seeing themselves “that good” back then or wishing they had done the same. Yet the premise of a dying body left them no choice but to give up their hopes for a promising future ahead. For hope to die out, the cells had been through a lot.

Who won't get annoyed by these two?
Who won't get annoyed by these two?

Pressure building up. Whereas pressure tends to ignite the fire and passion for work just as how the pressure from the calves became a vantage point for easier ascend of the cells, a bit too much may turn the tables. Exerting small pressure may be too weak of a push, though. Balancing it out is the key for a smooth work-life cycle.


White Blood Cell is bewildered by the fact that her comrades had gone missing! What could have happened? And how will it get worse from here?

Cheers to these cells for keeping a great job despite the adverse circumstances! Here’s to wishing everyone a non-toxic working environment and a healthy work-life balance! At the end of the day, it should be a “good kind of exhaustion”.

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