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Comedy anime 'Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' releases main PV for July 2022 broadcast

Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! features 15 girls divided into five manzai trios competing for the grand prix of the comedy world. It airs on July 2.

By: Nicole S. Castro on June 15, 2022 at 21:44 PHT

The main promotional video has been released for upcoming comedy TV anime Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, scheduled to air in Japan on July 2, 2022. The anime is produced by studio Drive.

©Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROJECT

Teppen—!!! originated as a manga series written by Inujun and illustrated by Namamugi. The story is serialized in Monthly Bushiroad magazine and is based on the unit Seiyuu San-Shimai Team Y which consists of voice actresses Mikoi Sasaki, Aimi, and Ayasi Ito. They are a trio of high school girls who are aspiring to become top comedians.

Watch the 15 girls (divided into five 3-member manzai groups) aim for their dreams!

In this main PV, there are more scenes featuring not just the members of lead unit Young Wai-wai but also those from Celebri-Tea, Akudare О̄koku, and Shinryakusha. The main PV also introduces the ending theme song 「あはっててっぺんっ」 (Romaji: Ahatte Teppen) by May'n.

As previously announced, the opening theme featured is「てっぺんっ天国 ~TOP OF THE LAUGH !!! ~」(Romaji: Teppen Tengoku ~ TOP OF THE LAUGH!!!~) sung by the main cast.

Cast: Young Wai-wai

  • Yayoi Sakamoto (CV: Ayasa Itō)

  • Yomogi Takahashi (CV: Aimi)

  • Yuzu Hosono (CV: Mikoi Sasaki)

Cast: Celebri-Tea

  • Mako Shirakabe (CV: Riko Kohara)

  • Saeka Yabukita (CV: Saika Kitamori)

  • Hikari Jogasaki (CV: Yūki Wakai)

Cast: Akudare О̄koku

  • Hina Kasama (CV: Himari Hazuki)

  • Miyu Komatsuzaki (CV: Megu Sakuragawa)

  • Misao Ushiku (CV: Moe Toyota)

Cast: Shinryakusha

  • Yuina Rokkatei (CV: Nanae Kojima)

  • Mone Ishiya (CV: Aina Suzuki)

  • Chihori Hokuto (CV: Momoyo Koyama)

Cast: Dangan Kunoichi

  • Iroha Akishika (CV: Honoka Kuroki)

  • Kana Kiyotsuru (CV: Mayu Sagara)

  • Chitose Amano (CV: Aina Aiba)


  • Original work: Inujun and Namamugi's "Teppen!!!" (serialized in Monthly Bushiroad)

  • Concept contribution: Team Y (Mikoi Sasaki/Aimi/Ayasa Ito)

  • General director and Sound director: Shinji Takamatsu

  • Director: Toshinori Watanabe

  • Series composition/Script: Jun Kumagai

  • Character draft: Namamugi

  • Character design: Yoshiyuki Okubo


  • Sound production: Dax Productions

  • Animation production: Fugaku Inc.

  • Animation studio: Drive

  • Production: Teppen Grand Prix Executive Committee


Sakamoto Yayoi, a diehard fan of comedians and comedy acts, enrolls in the private Kazuki High School in Nanba (Osaka's entertainment district famous as the starting point for many comedians). She reunites with Takahashi Yomogi, a childhood friend who once formed the comedy duo "Konamonzu" with her when they were little. Before long, they find themselves putting together a routine at a park like they did before, in order to enter a local shopping area's contest. At that moment, a mysterious girl calls out to them. (from MyAnimeList)

Source: Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! official Twitter, official website




Nicole is based in the Philippines and works as a freelance Japanese Translator/Interpreter and copywriter (English). She is a JLPT N2 passer who watches anime to "study" for N1. She has a long career history on LinkedIn (with primary focus on media and translation), but her anime watchlist is much, much longer.


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