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Cosmic horror-themed tabletop game developers, Madaraushi, crowdfunding for anime pilot

Written by: Adrian Andulan Published on: August 14 2021 at 7:15 PM PHT (GMT+8)

The tabletop RPG makers, Madaraushi, have just released their plans to start adapting one of their titles into the animated screen. In a Twitter announcement from the official account of the developers, the Cthulhu-inspired game entitled 'Mountains of Madness - Summit of the Evil Gods' will be at the center of the campaign.

Developers Madaraushi are pushing for the pilot in the hopes to inspire interest in a full-length anime film. Drafts for the art and script are already being made, and the developers are seeking out collaborators and those interested in the project. Plans for the start of the campaign are set for October, 2021. In the Twitter statement, developers Madaraushi had this to say:

Mountains of Madness - Summit of the Evil Gods by Madaraushi
Mountains of Madness - Summit of the Evil Gods | © Madaraushi
"To be honest, I think it will be an endless challenge comparable to climbing unexplored peaks. This plan is really unrealizable by itself. If there are many people who dream with us, we may be able to reach it. I will do my best, so please dream together."

'Mountains of Madness - Summit of the Evil Gods' is a tabletop RPG board game that takes inspiration from the works of legendary horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Set in a mountain similar in vein to Lovecraft's work, the game is focused on a surviving the horrors of the mountain as players climb.



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