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Dark fantasy manga 'Dead Mount Death Play' announces TV anime for April 2023

A reincarnated necromancer! The TV anime for Dead Mount Death Play is slated for April 2023.

By: Nicole S. Castro on November 15, 2022 at 11:29 PHT

A TV anime adaptation has been announced for dark fantasy manga Dead Mount Death Play. It is slated to air in April 2023 and is animated by Studio Geek Toys. Below are the official announcement and visual.

The series stars a necromancer called The Corpse God who is fighting against the Church that is trying to subjugate him. In his final moments, his reincarnation magic activates and he is transported to the modern world as Polka Shinoyama (CV: Yuki Sakakihara).


  • Polka Shinoyama (CV: Yuki Sakakihara)

  • Misaki Sakimiya (CV: Inori Minase)

  • Takumi Kuruya (CV: Yuma Uchida)

Dead Mount Death Play (Japanese: デッドマウント・デスプレイ) is a Japanese manga series written by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Shinta Fujimoto. It began serialization in Square Enix's Young Gangan in October 2017.


  • Original story: Ryohgo Narita and Shinta Fujimoto (serialized in Square Enix's Young Gangan)

  • Director/Series composition: Manabu Ono

  • Deputy Director: Takaharu Okuma

  • Assistant Director: Yoshiki Kitai

  • Character design: Hisashi Abe

  • Script: Manabu Ono, Yukie Sugawara, Yoriko Tomita

  • Sound Director: Takayuki Yamaguchi

  • Recording Studio: HALF H・P ​​STUDIO

  • Music: F.M.F (Yuki Nara, eba, Kana Utatane)

  • Animation production: GEEKTOYS

Source: Dead Mount Death Play official Twitter, official website, Comic Natalie




Nicole is based in the Philippines and works as a freelance Japanese Translator/Interpreter and copywriter (English). She is a JLPT N2 passer who watches anime to "study" for N1. She has a long career history on LinkedIn (with primary focus on media and translation), but her anime watchlist is much, much longer.


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