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'Demon Slayer' theme graces the closing of the Tokyo Olympics

Written by: Adrian Andulan

Published on: August 10, 2021 at PHT (GMT+8)

Fans of the popular 'Demon Slayer' anime were in for a treat when the closing ceremony for the Olympics ended with a live performance of a very familiar song.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 closing ceremony | PHOTO COURTESY: Al Jazeera

The Tokyo Olympics have officially ended. While the event has been riddled with controversy, it hasn't stopped the enthusiasm for the Olympics. And in a surprise performance by the TOKYO SKA Paradise Orchestra, the closing ceremony featured a cover of the song "Gurenge" by the Japanese pop singer LiSA.

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 has been a surprise treat of Japanese pop-culture nods. Particularly for anime lovers who enjoyed the many references to different anime and manga made in the Olympics. In many events, themes of popular anime were used for music. Many athletes also wore clothing or made their own reference to their favorite anime and videogame, such as shot-putter Payton Otterdahl referencing 'One Piece'. Contributions by famous manga authors, as well as music from popular Japanese videogame titles, also riddled the event.

Alongside these pop-culture references, the closing ceremony also included various performances and dances, with some of these including traditional Japanese taiko drum shows. The ceremony included the passing of the baton to France for the 2024 Olympics, commemorative speeches, and final performances of the songs 'Hoshimeguri no Uta' (''Star Tour Song') and 'Tsuki no Hikari' (The Moon’s Light) before the Tokyo Olympic flame was extinguished.



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