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‘Digimon’ gets new film installment, teases a mysterious character with an ancestor Digimon

Written by: Allysa Malicdem

Published on: August 10, 2021 at 5:00 PM PHT (GMT+8)

The official Twitter and website for Digimon has announced last August 1 through an online and in-person event “DigiFes 2021” that the franchise is getting a new anime film titled Digimon “02” revolving around the characters of Digimon Adventure 02. A promotional movie poster and a teaser trailer have been released.

The promotion came side-by-side with the announcement of a new TV anime project "Digimon Ghost Game" set to premiere by fall 2021.

Taguchi Tomohisa will be directing the film with Akatsuki Yamatoya writing the script. The duo has worked together for the last Digimon movie “Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna”.

In the teaser clip, the main protagonist Daisuke Motomita narrates a story of him with V-mon, his Digimon partner, when they met a kid bearing a Digivice but has no Digimon accompanying him. The original opening theme Target ~Akai Shougeki~ by late Japanese pop singer Kouji Wada graces the background of the teaser.

Watch the teaser trailer to know more about the “encounter”:

No other details were revealed as of writing. No release date has been announced since the film is still on its early stages of production.

Producer Yosuke Kinoshita made some comments on the film’s plot and what to expect:

The main theme of this movie will be everyone from “02”! Daisuke and his friends have a different kind of appeal to Tai and his friends, so I really wanted to express that appeal this time. The characters I can confirm right now are not just Daisuke and his friends, but also a mysterious boy and his Digimon, and an interesting line of text… In the image is one of the ancestor Digimon that birthed the other Digimon, Kenji Watanabe drew it! What kind of meaning does it hold? We honestly just started, so we still have a long way ahead of us, but I hope you’ll look forward to it in anticipation!

Digimon Adventure 02 is the first direct TV anime sequel to Digimon Adventure series. It aired from April 2000 to March 2001 in Japan.

The sequel film “Digimon Adventure: LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna” tells the last adventure of Tai and Agumon. It premiered in Japan last February 21, 2020.

The most recent TV anime series of the franchise, “Digimon Adventure:” was launched in Japan on April 2020 and is currently on its final stage.

Digimon Adventure: Synopsis by MAL:

In the year 2020, technology is everywhere. Every digital device around the world is connected by a singular network where data travels. Unbeknownst to humans, this network has become home to life forms known as "Digimon."

Fifth-grader Taichi Yagami is preparing for summer camp when strange occurrences begin in Tokyo; certain electronic systems have started going haywire. When he discovers that his sister and mother are trapped on an unstoppable train, he rushes to the nearby station. Suddenly, Taichi is transported to another world where he meets a strange creature by the name of Agumon, who somehow already knows his name. Taichi also receives a strange device called a "Digivice," which allows him to communicate with the undigitized world.

Taichi discovers he is in the "Network," and virus-like Digimon are attacking the areas that maintain Tokyo’s electronic systems. It is up to Taichi and his new partner Agumon to stop these cyberattacks before the whole world is threatened by the actions of mischievous Digimon.

Who is this new mysterious boy and what is with the ancestor Digimon? Check the website and stay tuned for more updates.

Visit the official site of Digimon "02" for the promotional poster and teaser.


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