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Dr. Stone: Stone Wars! Episode 10: THE GOD OF LIGHTNING?!

Could it be the God of Lightning?!

After the successful siege of The Cave of Miracles, Senku and the Ishigami Villagers forced a temporary truce with Tsukasa’s Empire. In exchange for this for this ceasefire, Senku tries to revive Tsukasa’s sister, Mirai, from petrification. Looks like it’s all smooth sailing from here on out with nothing left to worry about. Or is there?

This is our full review of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars! Episode 10: “Humanity’s Strongest Tag Team”. The episode also covered Chapters 79 – 81 and the first few sections of Chapter 81.


Quick Recap

Here’s what you’ve missed from the previous episode:

  • The trio of Senku, Gen and Chrome went inside the Cave of Miracles to create a weapon to counter Tsukasa and Hyoga while the battle team holds them off.

  • With Senku and Chrome’s quick thinking, they were able to make nitro glycerin

  • The Stone Wars Arc came to a stalemate as Senku proposes to revive Tsukasa’s sister, Mirai, in exchange for a temporary ceasefire

You can check out the full review of the previous episode here.


A Season’s Hype for One Episode

As the Stone Wars Arc draws to a close, we more or less have that grasp on how this season for Dr. Stone came out to be. But we’ll hold off on the season’s evaluation for now and focus on dissecting this episode which, quite honestly, is the most action-packed out of everything we’ve seen so far. And yes, it was actually better compared to the previous episode.

A devilish stare from Hyoga

Dr. Stone was not meant to be gory despite this season’s title. It’s all about nerdy experiments, witty schemes, combined with comedy and a hint of drama (okay, maybe more than a hint). However, this episode brought out quite the shock, literally and figuratively; as we finally saw the action that the show spent an entire season building up for.

Personally, I did over expect how the show will deliver what it called "Stone Wars" as battle scenes were held at a minimum. For the war to be concluded with a truce via negotiation, kind of solidified that notion so it was very surprising to see this last minute burst.

Senku & Tsukasa using the Miracle Fluid

It may have lasted only one episode, but it definitely left a mark on the viewers as the anime stayed true to its nature by incorporating brain and brawn in a battle of brain vs. brawn. (See what I did there?)


Uncanny Similarity

From the previous episode, it was established that the key to the truce was Senku’s attempt at reviving Tsukasa’s sister Mirai. The setting couldn’t be more familiar and goes all the way back to Season 1 and the anime paid great homage by giving Kohaku that moment to reminisce.

Kohaku reminiscing the past

It’s amazing to see how a protagonist can be so eerily similar with an antagonist. Of course credit for that goes to the author; but seeing how everything is connected somehow gives the audience a sense of new perspective that no matter how different we all seem, there’s still some sort of similarity in all of us. All it takes is for us to put ourselves in the shoes of others and try to view things from their point of view. We might even be lucky enough to witness it first-hand like Kohaku did.

This is also one key component why Dr. Stone is such a good anime. It helps its audience to appreciate logical thinking in a way that touches their emotions.


This episode fired its last shot at action for the entire arc and we can definitely say it turned out well. After seeing a stalemate for the actual Stone Wars, the audience was left hanging with so little action; almost to the feeling of disappointment. But luckily, the struggle for power in this episode brought out a final boost to the action that the viewers have been waiting for. Not to mention Tsukasa's character storyline coming to such an emotional full circle.

With the last episode coming, let’s hope the show wraps this season up on a high note that leaves the audience looking forward to the next one.

Touching scene of Mirai and Tsukasa

The Finale of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars! entitled “Prologue of Dr. Stone” airs on March 25, 2021 at 10:30PM (PHST).


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

  • The episode finally delivered some real action that the entire Stone Wars Arc spent all season building up for

  • Kohaku and Tsukasa’s uncanny similarity allowed the audience to appreciate that no matter how different we are, there will always be some form of similarity somehow.

  • A key component of what makes Dr. Stone such a good anime is its ability to help the audience appreciate logical thinking that touches the emotions.


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