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'Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte' releases 1st PV for Jan 2023

It's up to Crown Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen to save his tsundere fiancée! His guide? A bunch of high schoolers...

By: Nicole S. Castro on July 15, 2022 at 17:36 PHT

The first promotional video has been released for the TV anime adaptation of Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte.

The anime is slated to air in January 2023 and is animated by Tezuka Productions.


The series stars Crown Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen (CV: Yuichi Nakamura) who one day hears the "Voices of the Gods." They reveal to him that his fiancée Lieselotte Riefenstahl (CV: Tomori Kusunoki) is a tsundere whose sharp tongue is just a way of covering up her embarrassment.

The prince is excited to discover Lieselotte's adorable hidden side. But little does he know that the "gods" are actually high schoolers! The crown prince also has to find a way for Lieselotte to escape the bad end!


  • Lieselotte Riefenstahl (CV: Tomori Kusunoki)

  • Siegwald Fitzenhagen (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

  • Aoto Endou (CV: Kaito Ishikawa)

  • Shihono Kobayashi (CV: Kana Hanazawa)

  • Fiene (CV: Miyu Tomita)

Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte (Japanese: ツンデレ悪役令嬢リーゼロッテと実況の遠藤くんと解説の小林さん, Romaji: Tsundere Akuyaku Reijō Rīzerotte to Jikkyō no Endō-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san) is a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Suzu Enoshima and illustrated by Eihi. The light novel was acquired by Fujimi Shobo, who have published it under their Kadokawa Books imprint. It is licensed in North America by J-Novel Club.

A manga adaptation with art by Rumiwo Sakaki has been serialized in Enterbrain's josei manga magazine B's Log Comic since June 2019.


  • Original work: Suzu Enoshima (Kadokawa Books)

  • Original illustrations: Eihi

  • Manga: Rumiwo Sakaki (B's-LOG COMICS)

  • Director: Fumihiro Yoshimura

  • Series composition: Tomoko Konparu

  • Character design: Miyuki Katayama

  • Music: Tatsuhiko Saiki, Natsumi Tabuchi, Sayaka Aoki, Junko Nakajima, Kanade Sakuma

  • Animation production: Tezuka Productions

Source: Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte official Twitter, official website, Comic Natalie




Nicole is based in the Philippines and works as a freelance Japanese Translator/Interpreter and copywriter (English). She is a JLPT N2 passer who watches anime to "study" for N1. She has a long career history on LinkedIn (with primary focus on media and translation), but her anime watchlist is much, much longer.

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