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#FEATURE: Jpop group 'Omoinotake' rises to fame with 'EVERBLUE' from anime 'Blue Period'

Written by: Nicole Castro

Published on: October 22, 2021 at 22:07 PHT (GMT+8)

It's Fall 2021 and if you're watching the highly anticipated, currently airing anime Blue Period, we're sure you found the opening theme EVERBLUE to be a bop!

So today, we feature the talented artists behind this song, Japanese band Omoinotake!

Omoinotake | PHOTO CREDIT: Comic Natalie

About Omoinotake

Omoinotake(オモイノタケ)was formed in 2012 by members Leo Fujii (藤井怜央; vocals and keyboard), Tomoaki Fukushima (福島智朗; bassist and chords), and Hironoshin Tomita (冨田洋之進; drums and chords) when they were in middle school. They hail from Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture and have been performing live on streets and in houses mainly in Shibuya.

They released their first full-length album "So far" in 2017. The group is scheduled to make their major label debut on November 17, 2021, under the Sony Music Records label onenation. EVERBLUE serves as Omoinotake's first major EP.

Full discography is available on Omoinotake's official website.

Omoinotake official channels:






Omoinotake members' official social media:

Leo Fujii (藤井怜央) Twitter, Instagram

Tomoaki Fukushima (福島智朗) Twitter, Instagram

Hironoshin Tomita (冨田洋之進) Twitter, Instagram

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