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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 1: The Somas are back! (And the curse lives on…)

The Somas return to the small screen! Following a revelation at the last season’s ending, Tohru Honda gets dragged once again into the family’s curse, with a will to turn a tragic fate into a gleeful ending.

Short Introduction: Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket follows the story of the Soma family, one cursed with the spirit of the Zodiacs. Suddenly, their lives caught up changes upon meeting a girl, Tohru Honda. It features their plight to live a normal life, unbound by the shackles of their history and fate.

DISCLAIMER: Contains some points from the previous season and mild spoilers from the recent episode.

An assemblage | The Zodiacs with their "god"
An assemblage | The Zodiacs with their "god"

Trip Down Memory Lane: What Season 2 Left Us

· Kyo’s fate after high school - The Cinderella-ish skit still packs a punch!

· The truth about the Soma curse

· A revelation on Akito, the head of the Soma family


Quick Recap: Let’s Have Another Banquet

The Rooster. Kureno Soma (voiced by Yuuichirou Umehara) has his curse lifted. Yet, he stays by Akito’s side. A puzzled and crying Tohru Honda (voiced by Manaka Iwami) wanted to do something.

Ren Soma. Akito’s mother (voiced by Ai Orikasa) made an entrance. The two do not share a link natural of a mother-daughter, as if they despise each other to death. That confrontation (a violent one) scene speaks of their ill-fated relationship.

Akito's mother | An ominous character
Akito's mother | An ominous character

Manga Spiel! The pilot episode covered chapters 98 and 99 (vol. 17) of the manga. Faithful to the pages, an accurate depiction and revival of the manga panels was done.


Author’s Corner: Love is not selfish, it is kind.

Whereas bonds are supposed to be happy ones, what the Somas has is an unnatural connection, one that does not exude happiness but only misery. The open-curtain act for the final season continued to where the last season ended, with a cliffhanger as to the identity of the rooster among the Zodiacs. It was a heartfelt one, enough to send one into a sea of tears - seeing how someone can forego his/her budding feelings for the sake of somebody who needs more affection. Seeing Arisa (Tohru’s friend which left him an impression) while holding Akito close to his heart, Kureno decided not to be unfair. Those tears he shed signified of love that is not selfish though longing, that knows not only the receiving end but generous, that will protect, that will stop the cries of a poor girl though his will remain a quite sob - a gentle and kind one. He is aware of the presence of another living creature dwelling in him, and voluntarily submits to its desires; hence, the infatuation to its god (to Akito).

Kureno Soma, the Rooster of the Zodiacs
Kureno Soma, the Rooster of the Zodiacs

Studio, Production and Cast

TMS Entertainment is assigned for the series animation under the direction of Yoshihide Ibata. Taku Kishimoti is in-charge for script writing while character designing is handled by Yu Shindo. Masaru Yokoyama serves as the music composer. Original series author Natsuki Takaya supervises the overall production.

Fruits Basket has a myriad display of colors and visuals that continue to satisfy the palette of viewers. The color schemes speak of the mood and of the characters’ context and emotions.

The cast from the last season reprised their roles. It’s refreshing to hear these great voices relinquish the characters for the last time.


The Somas!

It is a comic relief towards the end of the episode to see the characters bicker and set a humorous tone to relieve of the weight of the impending horrors. Not to mention Kyo’s grim fate after graduation. Shigure’s household has always shed a light to their dark history, Tohru Honda being a beacon of hope and source of smiles. Despite the tears from the first half, audience get to enjoy a good laugh. A sweet melancholy.

Tohru Honda | Who wouldn't want to protect this precious smile?
Tohru Honda | Who wouldn't want to protect this precious smile?

It Can’t Be Helped.

Having been brokenhearted sucks, but given that circumstance, will you still crave for love? It was a complicated one. How can someone be happy while someone is in sorrow? Love sure is hard.


Fruits Basket has always been one of those slice-of-life anime/manga that has touched the hearts of viewers and readers on aspects of love (parental, sibling, romantic, platonic) and friendship. It dwells more on connections, how these bonds shape character and bring about changes despite what fate might have dictated. Going outside the box and taking a step into the world, everyone is called to act - to be more assertive and stronger enough to bend the rules of the game and fight for you and your loved ones. It speaks of a strength that comes from within, empowered by trust and love from the people around.

Can't wait to see these characters win their "demons" and live life as they have never before!

What a refreshing frame! Another day at high school
What a refreshing frame! Another day at high school

With the revelations laid in front of her, how can Tohru be instrumental in freeing the Somas from their bondage? What will happen to Kyo now that graduation is approaching? Will Yuki full escape his "dark room"? What ending awaits the Somas? We have to wait for the answers to dawn.

What do you think of the pilot episode? Slide in the comments section and let's discuss!

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases every Monday, 01:30AM JST.


Official Anime Website: Fruits Basket: The Final Season

Official Anime Twitter: Fruits Basket: The Final Season


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