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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 11: The First Promise and the Last Banquet

The conclusion is on the works, and it’s hard to say goodbye! Fruits Basket featured ‘god’ and the story where it all began.


Quick Recap: Goodbye

Free. Bliss or damnation, only the Zodiacs can tell what happens now and how to live as ‘normal’ beings.

God and the promise. Finally, the backstory behind the Zodiacs and their ‘god’. And more on why the cat was an "outcast".


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 129, 130 and 131 of the manga. It follows the Soma curse crumbling to dust. Looking forward on how they will play around Yuki’s curse breaking, the Rat being a pivotal member as the first to take a sip in the ‘toast to forever’ during the first banquet. Well-played in the adaptation of god’s monologue.


Author’s Corner: The Art of Letting Go

The Soma curse has been lifted! The eternal banquet has ended. Life as they know it will never be same. Crying has never been this good! Every moment was invigorating, satisfying and hopeful. Though goodbyes are naturally forlorn, they give strength for new beginnings and missed chances. Losing a connection makes one lost and vulnerable, but it also sparks hope. Despite the fear of the unpredictable, it rejoices in the anticipation of endless possibilities waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.


The First (Original) Promise

Since when was the connection a ‘burden’? Where there should be love and merriment, pain and hopelessness prevailed. The joy the Zodiacs and ‘god’ shared felt surreal. The delusion this created put a turmoil on the connection god has with his guests. Happiness turned into obsession which turned into abuse and manipulation. Thanks to the cat (despite being an 'outsider' and a 'traitor'), the far-forgotten memory resurfaced - that there is more awaiting in the other side (the outside world) and that the tranquility offered by being confined is not lasting. That there is more to life than these bonds. That being together for eternity does not guarantee joy.

The unsung hero | The Neko | The original promise
The unsung hero | The Neko | The original promise

“God” and his ‘Disciples’

It was a perfect monologue of ‘god’. The story of the ‘curse’ has been unveiled. Loneliness can break someone, and the company of the 13 animals gave ‘god’ solace. His existence became solely dedicated to a life with his chosen guests; thus, the promise of eternity that is binding and restraining. Greed and sadness loomed and won him over, and these connections filled the void in his heart.

'God' | Farewell and gratitude
'God' | Farewell and gratitude

Akito does not fail to impress. After all, she was also a victim of a deluded promise of forever. She had been a vessel, an instrument to secure the tight ropes formed under false pretenses. God eventually realized the cat’s final words and bid farewell with gratitude for being able to break free from the suffocating connection.

One More Chance

KyoRu fans were well-fed! Tohru’s character development has come in full circle with the confirmation and reciprocation of her feelings. With Kyo validating and accepting her (and defying his predetermined fate), the story has escalated to better grounds and brings about a life full of promises for a brighter tomorrow awaiting the Zodiacs. This is an invitation to a new banquet, free from all the dark memories and fearful future. Each couple has their sweet moment, a beginning of the next chapter with love in the center. Can’t wait to see Yuki’s and Shigure’s.

The KyoRu moment everyone's waiting for in a tease!
The KyoRu moment everyone's waiting for in a tease!

The moment when Kyo’s bead bracelet was broken with all the scattered pieces was satisfying and a game-changer. The hug and kiss were just too beautiful. Tohru’s love confession was a tear-jerker, though adorable. Tohru’s crying felt reassuring and comforting, apart from the previous ones which only radiated pain. Tears of joy!

Kyo's curse breaking | An utterly satisfying scene!
Kyo's curse breaking | An utterly satisfying scene!

The Voice of ‘God’

Hiroshi Kamiya graced the audience with his voice over of ‘god’ in the latter part of the episode. It was chef’s kiss! The suitability of his voice over the context of a god is truly remarkable!


Who did not shed a tear after (and maybe during) such a great episode? The end is fast-approaching! Down to the last two episodes of the final season!

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on June 21 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


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