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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 12: Love Signature

Fruits Basket has opened the curtain for the final act - love knows no bounds and is out there to be celebrated after a long, tiring journey.

"I want to be with you."
"I want to be with you."

Quick Recap: You Fought Well

Yuki. Despite being the first to take sip in the cup, the Rat was the last one to break free from the curse, a reminder of the first promise.

Akito. A new Akito graced the hall, much to the shock of everyone, with a few exceptions.

Kyoko. The truth behind that ominous line…


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 132 and 135 with parts from 131 (Yuki’s cruse breaking) and 134 (Kyo and Tohru on Kyoko’s grave). It follows the Somas coming out of the shell and seeking out the future with the promise of love and hope. Yuki’s scene was wonderful! More ships sailing! Few more pages left...


Author’s Corner: Love ALWAYS wins

It was delightful - how the former Zodiacs are gathered not because they were compelled but to be set free from the shackles of their former nature. This episode truly emulates the saying “love wins”. No matter how difficult the circumstances, how guilt eats a person up, how grievous sins are, love will always find a way to make amends and heal all wounds. Scars are there to remind of the tough yet meritorious journey. They are life’s greatest lessons - that by all means, we have fought mighty and finished strong. Just like how the Somas were able to conquer their past selves and created a new path of their own, everyone has a choice, should you have the courage to take a step forward. Love ALWAYS wins!


The sentiments of Kyoko Honda

Kyoko’s dialogue is a love signature. All these times her love for Tohru had stood the test of doubts and insincerity. There was also that daunting line that plays at the back of Kyo’s mind, pinning him for her death. It all comes clear now - that though Kyoko’s motherly love has failed at certain points, she cherishes Tohru as her “most precious” and wishes her to live a life she wishes, with someone to protect her when she cannot. Struggling to live, it was heavy to watch. Leaving a loved one behind is excruciating pain. But someone has already taken her place, someone to carry on that obligation. And for that, Kyoko has endured and fought well.

"You fought well, Kyoko."
"You fought well, Kyoko."

AkiGure is Canon.

Despite the bitter relationship of the two from the start, Akito has finally come to embrace her true self, one that yearns for Shigure who was at the other end, waiting. Undoubtedly, the harsh words and physical abuse became their love signature. Akito really looked good in the kimono! Shigure had his eyes only on Akito. It might be hard to root for them, but now they’re two less lonely people in the world.

Those sweet smiles!
Those sweet smiles!

Found You

Yuki has finally got the guts to express his affection. Looking out for each other has been Yuki and Machi’s love signature. The one who has been on the constant look out for him was Machi, and that was a profession of her love. Though Tohru has supported Yuki all this time, she was a warm blanket to him, protected and kept him pushing and fighting. (This has yet to come. This dialogue in the manga was sweet and a bit sad). Despite the slow progression for this two, Yuki took another step forward.

Yuki's love in the light!
Yuki's love in the light!

A Man’s Promise

It’s time for Kyo to keep his end of the promise with Kyoko. Kyo’s love signature is staying by Tohru’s side, to support and protect her. He is no longer afraid of what’s to come, be it in a faraway land. With Tohru by his side, what can possibly hold him back? Love’s power is omnipotent!

The voice actors nailed the emotions. From Yuki to Kyoko, then there’s Katsuya in the end. We got to hear god’s voice again! The kiss of humor from the Somas was soothing.


Fruits Basket has been one of the greater slice-of-life manga/anime series that has transcended various walks and thrusts of life. It gave a new perspective on friendship, trust and love (romantic, familial, platonic) and has catapulted to ginormous developments. It was a relief to watch, seeing how the story has reached better grounds and opened rooms for growth among the characters.

Now, the final episode awaits.

Catch the final episode on June 28 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


Official Anime Website: Fruits Basket: The Final Season

Official Anime Twitter: Fruits Basket: The Final Season


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