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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 3: Perfectly Imperfect

Thank you. Goodbye. Nice to meet you. Hello. Short ments that sure pack a punch! Here’s another side of the story.

Perfectly white chalks with a tiny imperfection
Perfectly white chalks with a tiny imperfection

Quick Recap: I Hope It Snows Soon

Machi’s fears. Machi seemed anxious and troublesome, but there lies a dark, untold story.

Graduation. The seniors are off to set foot ahead, but the memories of high school will have a special place in their hearts (to some maybe). To new beginnings!


Manga Spiel! This episode covered chapters 102 and 103 of the manga. It follows Machi and her anxieties, Yuki’s display of his character development, Mokoto’s confession and Nao’s “see-you-again”. What you read is what you see in the animation.


Author’s Corner: The “Perfect” Prince

Yuki stans, how are you? This episode made everyone (including the author) fall hard for Yuki. Our “prince” had shown tremendous growth as he stepped out of his shell, shattering his “perfect” demeanor which was the shackle binding him. While perfection seemed to be his forever label, he chose to be indifferent. Now he’s conquered his past self, he goes out there, extending a hand to those who shares his suffering. Another important thing to notice here: he was able to warm up to people. See how he placed his arm on Kakeru’s shoulder? That’s not a Yuki thing then, but now it seems natural. By receiving support and acceptance from Tohru, he continues to make incredible feats and spread positivity and inspiration to the people around him. That’s why one can’t help falling for him even more.

The imperfect snow (Yuki)
The imperfect snow (Yuki)

Let’s Make Footprints in it (Snow) Together.

Machi is a parallel. Notice how they both have messy rooms (quite a pry), a haven where they do not have to pretend something they are not. She fears perfection, having been asked to be the epitome of greatness in all she do. Yuki and Machi have the same source of anxiety, and thus attraction is just but a natural happenstance. Problematic parents (Oh but not all parents from the series - Hiro’s mom is a relief!). High expectations. Peer pressure. Everything keeps falling apart, and one can’t help but feel bad for Machi who has been constantly keeping up and losing herself along the way. It was suffocating and disheartening, seeing her alone and abandoned but still managing to survive. That head pat again! Having received validation and a compliment, it is calming and hopeful. Did you catch on the sweet vibe when Yuki broke the set of perfectly white and new chalks passed in front of Machi? That speaks something! While it triggered her anxiety, Yuki was quick in pacifying her. They are a match (they put up well together), having found solace in each other. Melo-romantic- just a right spice of romance enough to send cringes. Look who’s waiting for winter so badly.

A pat of reassurance
A pat of reassurance

Thank You. Goodbye.

Liking someone but keeping it bottled maybe a bit painful, but Mokoto’s love is an inspiration and a delight. Keeping Yuki close to her heart whilst not outwardly confronting her feelings until now is a deep form of affection and high regard. Wishing Yuki happiness and thanking him for his existence (high school had been this enjoyable because of him) is a different way of confession. Funny how she was an annoying character at first (for hating Tohru and getting all fed up with her infatuation of Yuki), but now she caused a stir and a pang of emotions with her heartfelt parting message. It was beautiful and honest (while sending tears to the audience, did you?). Yuki is such a good lad for indirectly turning her down by thanking her for these feelings he said are undeserving of him. Thank you for loving our prince. We are rooting for your happiness as well, Minagawa-senpai!

Mokoto's tears are heartwarming while bittersweet.
Mokoto's tears are heartwarming while bittersweet.

When Goodbyes turned Nice-to-Meet-You’s

While goodbyes are bitter endings, they also signal sweet start-ups. Mokoto might have her heart broken by her one-sided love, there is a spark of a budding romance as Nao bids farewell and wishes her good luck. A kind love that waits and does not rush. It may not be the best time to confess yet, but he anticipates a day where their paths will once again cross. Rooting for you, Nao!

From goodbyes to hellos. Hiro is a big brother now! Another ray of sunshine (as her name is Hinata). A new beginning.

These expressions of hope | Nice to meet (see) you (again)
These expressions of hope | Nice to meet (see) you (again)

This episode sure packs a great amount of hope. Though melodramatic (being able to draw in the viewers to shed tears), it gleamed with positive thoughts and feelings. But that was quite a cliffhanger. Having mentioned Rin, where is she? A dark cloud looms over. Akito is seen with a pair of scissors and strands of hair falling (Have you noticed Rin’s short hair in the ending theme?). Hmmmm. We only wait.

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on April 26 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


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