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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 4: Way Back Home

Black Haru. Lost Rin. Big Brother Hiro. Wandered off for a long time but eventually found their way back home.

Same alleyway. Similar circumstances, then and now.
Same alleyway. Similar circumstances, then and now.

Quick Recap: I’m… Home

Hiro. He (ohh that growth spurt) has bottled frustration and guilt over Rin and Kisa. Nothing to do more sucks, right?

Haru. The quiet and introspective Hatsuharu becomes more assertive of his true feelings, even causing a rift to his connection with Akito.

Where is Isuzu? Who’d knew it would get this tragic? Those strands of hair…


Manga Spiel! This episode covered chapters 104, 105 and 106 of the manga. It follows Hiro, Hatshuharu and Isuzu, their share of anguish and frustrations. A soft side of these characters and how they continue to fight for their beloved. The animation captured the same vibe left by the manga. But there is a more ominous and eerie feeling on the Cat’s cottage in the anime.


Author’s Corner: Defying Gravity

The episode is truly a heartfelt one. It spanned on Hatsuharu and Isuzu’s relationship. It ventured more on Haru’s strong affection for Rin, enough to severe the bond with the “god”. His defiance is too strong - quite reckoning to. It also turned the tables and opened a chance for a change of fate. Hurting Rin only creates damage to the “rope”. It hits differently, how they can go beyond their instincts and stand up to Akito, clamoring and fighting for their emotions despite their nature. Even Kureno has done a remarkable move to go against Akito (such an outgrowth of character there).

Haru confronting Akito of Rin's whereabouts
Haru confronting Akito of Rin's whereabouts

Hiro Feels Guilty

It’s rare to see Hiro on his soft side. But as the story ascends, we get to see some of his development. Having nothing to do more to placate the situation, especially that Rin was injured and Kisa being hurt by Akito, he burdens himself with guilt. It was unnecessary, though. But this shows how Hiro cares for everyone in the Soma family. Having the same connection with the others, he felt responsible and understands their frustrations, in a way or another. It is inspiring to see his maturity going at large with the episode.

Hiro crying out his frustrations and guilt
Hiro crying out his frustrations and guilt

“Black Haru” Gone Berserk

Haru’s alter ego remains silent most of time, but when he snaps, it’s formidable. Now, we get to see a more savage and ruthless Haru, though it’s a good one. How somebody can fight for love, completing ignoring his nature. How awe-striking is love that knows no bounds… Despite that, he wishes nothing but for Rin to end her “long journey”. All this because she wants to break the curse, to set Haru free. That it’s not okay, him being by her side, which only complicates things and brings about pain and suffering. He does not wish for much, he only wanted Rin to come back home to him. It was also striking to see the sweet side of Rin (she was introduced as an intimidating and quite an opposing character). But she has loved Haru greatly to resort to her means. People can really go all out for love.

A "Black" Haru and a Soft Rin
A "Black" Haru and a Soft Rin

As long as they have each other, nothing can go wrong. Such a deep form of love. It was heartwarming though a bit sad.

And this couple has been the “wild” type. To visualize those steamy scenes/angles further objectify their passionate desire for each other, a bold one.

Let Me (I Will) Carry You

How good it is to hear from someone that everything will be alright… How reassuring it is to have somebody by your side to say that though things did not turn out the way you want them to be, it will be okay… It was beautiful, how Haru had finally saw Rin and welcomed her back. Carrying her and saying it is no mere burden, that he will hold on to her whenever she cannot walk - it shows how he truly cherishes and likes her. That scene was cute and a breather. How Haru felt relieved that he can do something for Rin now, compared to the last time she fainted off the street.

"Let me take you home."
"Let me take you home."

Haru has shown a steadfast move in breaking through the curse, creating frayed bonds with Kureno’s prodding. The episode is an opener. Thrilling how "changes" are bound to happen. Now, what can be added to the formula to completely cut it off? Who holds the remaining puzzle pieces?

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on May 3 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


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