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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 7: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Savage love. Bittersweet goodbye. Severing bonds. Haunting nightmare. This episode is a roller-coaster ride of emotions!

DISCLAIMER: Major spoilers ahead.

What's in a box?
What's in a box?

Quick Recap: That’s Right… It’s Empty

Akira-san. As a lover and a father, Akira Soma has received possessive love from Ren and has given special adoration to Akito.

The curse falling apart. The rope snapped once again. As liberating as it is, goodbyes can be a bit lonely.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 117 and 118 of the manga. An interesting escalation of events, with more revelations and on the severing connections.


Author’s Corner: Changes

Is it too late for a change? The episode featured the dark, possessive, and suffocating side of love. As much as the hate Akito is getting for being manipulative and abusive, there is that vulnerable side. Being special, she is spoiled with validation and love. That everything revolves and centers around her, she was fixated with only receiving and deluded by the fact that she will be loved and cherished for all eternity. Under false pretenses, she enjoys exploiting the Zodiacs for her personal gain. Having no one to push her away and tell her otherwise, it snapped back at her. As comforting as his words are, Akira’s ideals fed Akito with false love.

The calm before a storm...
The calm before a storm...

Ultimately, the stress on Akito has accumulated, and she lost it. Accusing Kureno of letting her indulge in her fantasies when he could have stood up to her back then, she stabbed Kureno in the back after a hug. This took a major blow as to how Akito stooped too low, giving in to her impulses and getting the situation get a hold of her. It was heavy, gloomy, and miserable to watch.


Obsessive Love

As twisted and menacing as Shigure, Ren Soma proved her ill-gotten character. Her obsession over Akira drove her to madness, even despising her own child whom she feels jealous for Akira’s attention. Can a decent parent act that way? She drew too much attention as a man-whore and neglectful, irresponsible parent. Seeing her rush to Akito with knife at hand, it explained how she is corrupted and blinded by love. She only wanted Akira for herself.

"I pine for you, Akira-san."
"I pine for you, Akira-san."

Frayed Bonds

The Zodiacs’ link to “god” has been severed and continues to cut ends. What could have been the trigger? Apart from the Somas heading towards overcoming their past selves, Akito had shed some light as to her blissful ignorance and shutting her world with the Zodiacs. She might be a poor child to begin with, but that does not justify her abusing the Zodiacs. As much as she wants the Somas to return to her, her actions seemed more of driving them away; thus, the tear on the rope. Hiro has now been freed from his curse. It was natural to feel lost, abandoned and confused as he was for losing the connection. From here on, what now?

Hiro breaks his curse.
Hiro breaks his curse.


The young Kyo knew Kyoko Honda in her prime years. This takes the audience back to season 2 when a dark past resurfaced on Kyo losing someone. Though their encounter established a deeper connection with Tohru, it triggered a sad memory. To Kyo, the apparition served a bitter reminder that he is foolish for thinking Tohru reciprocates his love (proven otherwise in the previous episode). This pulled the gears of curiosity over the significance of the blue hat and the images of Kyoko’s dead body appearing in front of Kyo.

The “Prick” of the Season

As much as the shades thrown at Ren and Akito, the old maid has been annoying since then. The head caretaker proved to be another character to be considered “most hated” in the series. Binding and blinding Akito of Akira’s “presence” which was never there in the first place, she took control of the Soma head. She had Akito wrapped around her finger with the image of Akira still alive in Akito’s head and mocked her for lack of common sense. *breathes in the air of betrayal*


With these changes happening all the once, it took a toll on everyone. While being freed can be a good thing, it also holds a melancholic vibe of separation and desperation as to what awaits. Akito and the Zodiacs felt that tight rope loosening. It is as depressing as it is hopeful.

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on May 24 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


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