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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 8: In Your Eyes

An inconvenient truth. A firm attestation of love. A tragic memory. Kyo and Tohru had nothing to hold back in this heart-wrecking episode!

DISCLAIMER: Too painful to watch (and read)!

In my eyes, you are...
In my eyes, you are...

Quick Recap: I’m Disappointed in You

The young Kyo and Kyoko-san. Kyo’s connection with Kyoko Honda was revealed, and a tragic past resurfaced, inciting the deep, dark emotions Kyo had bottled.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 119 and 120 of the manga. Needless to say that the episode perfectly adapted the pages and caught on the feel of Kyo’s monologue and deep thoughts as well as Tohru’s determined confession. Heartfelt!


Author’s Corner: More pain and heartaches!

The final season has continued its success in wrecking the hearts of its audience episode by episode! It gets more painful and too heavy to watch as we witness the predicaments and sorrow of the characters. Love can be a sweet and inspiring emotion, but it also holds grievances for it can be hurtful and wrong (or so they thought).

Now, it makes more sense. A good trick of foreshadowing. Season 2 had glimpses of the past in Kyo’s subconscious mind, and this episode shone light to it.

Can we comment on how the voice actors nailed this episode? Kyo’s voice actor (Yuma Uchida) never failed to render the right emotions Kyo has felt then and now. The episode is a perfect monologue of Kyo. The audience felt the cracks in his voice and the mellow whispers that reverberate his emotions. Tohru’s voice (dubbed by Manaka Iwami) was filled with conviction as she professed her love. Hands down!


Strings of Fate

Unlocking the past and his entwined connection with the Hondas, this explains Kyo being distant and self-conscious. He felt responsible for Kyoko’s death - having not done something when he could’ve pinned him hard. He pushes Tohru away while holding on to that shame he felt back then, believing that he deluded himself that he can be forgiven. Although Tohru invalidated his thinking and even will rebel against her mother if she blames Kyo (Tohru’s development eventually came about largely), Kyo was consumed by the flames of guilt. Seeing how there was this natural bond between Kyo and the Hondas, it gave hope and despair. Forgetting the past whilst enjoying the company of Tohru, Kyo felt sorry and shameless.

A man's promise
A man's promise


Kyo has been constantly running away, as much as he hated to admit. Though this may be his weakness and coping mechanism, it is as valid as it is natural. Confused and flustered, he was lost and helpless at one point. Sometimes, the only way out is to flee. It may seem coward, but it cannot be helped. Kyo resorted to his innate instincts. People are naturally weak and succumbing to these pretenses does not make us any less humans. What’s more important is how we use this situation to turn the tables and redeem ourselves. Waiting and rooting for Kyo to overcome his guilt and see Tohru for what she truly means to him.

Running away then and now, Kyo had enough pain and misery to deal with.
Running away then and now, Kyo had enough pain and misery to deal with.

I Love You, I Don’t and Everything in Between

The rejection was just too brutal! It holds a myriad of meanings - that Kyo views himself as a monster who is only fated to bring bad luck to the people he grew fond of; that he had become too selfish by letting Tohru stay by his side and receiving all the love she should have for her “most precious” (her mother, when in fact it was him). With these thoughts, he decided that he cannot be with her for his monstrosity and the burdens he continues to carry. It is too painful to watch!

On a brighter side, it was good to catch on Tohru’s development. She did not fail to deliver after realizing her love for Kyo. That confession spoke of her stepping out of the box, finally letting go of her mother whom she cherishes the most while concealing her true feelings. That it is okay to fall hard and crazy for love, for being selfish and greedy of love. Seeing her reactions and not interrupting nor questioning Kyo speaks of how she’d fallen for him. Still, it really feels bad for her.

THE MOMENT (and everything in between)
THE MOMENT (and everything in between)

The “Bad Guy”

Kyo’s mechanism to divert anger was to pin it on someone who gets to play the “bad guy” - Yuki. Although Yuki had moved on from being the subject of Kyo’s hatred towards himself, Kyo has grown to acknowledge that it was not Yuki’s fault. Eventually (and hopefully), this feud will come to an end.


Akito, all muddy and drenched, had shown herself with knife on hand. Kyo had gone and ran off with Yuki on the chase. What is this shiver tickling down the spine? Bet it will be another episode to look forward to!

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on June 1 (Tuesday), 01:30AM JST.


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