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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 9: Coming Through

Can you come through? It’s an invitation for Akito to see the light!


By your side
By your side

Highlights: What’s Your Name?

“I like you to be my friend.” Another development on the works!

KyoRu. Yep, “that” moment has come!


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 121 and 122 with the parts from 123 and 124 of the manga. Accurate depiction of the panels. It follows Akito and her “coming about” when Tohru extends a hand to her.


Author’s Corner: Coming About

Talk about pain! Rather, this episode shines a new light to Akito. As it is hurtful, it can be inspiring and transformative. We get to see Akito differently, away from the horrid and abusive character she was. Amidst her manipulative nature, she is just one scared child who is wary of being left behind. With the bonds being severed, the Somas have been in constant movement, drifitng apart from her. As this takes a toll on her make-believe “forever” with the Zodiacs, she snapped and cowered in fear. Thanks to Tohru, she found calm to her storms, that it’s okay to feel what she felt, but know that there are people waiting for her to come about.

It’s great to see her come to her senses and reflect on her actions. Though it’s a long way to go to be forgiven, Akito initiated her “baby steps” and joined the Zodiacs in realizing there’s more to these suffocating bonds.

It was a perfect Akito monologue.

Akito in a different light | This scene was just too beautiful!
Akito in a different light | This scene was just too beautiful!

Meeting Halfway

Tohru is a true heroine! Not only did she inspire the Zodiacs to take a step out of their boxes, she even moved their “god” and incited changes while harboring hope for a better tomorrow. As much as she is also hurting, she has always been there for the Zodiacs despite the odds. Kinda foolish at one point, for going all out for others, but it’s her context as the beacon of light of the series. Though Akito shook her to the core, she extended her hand and understood her for who she was. Despite the scars inflicted, physically and emotionally, she took a step towards her. An inspiring character! Akito reached for her hand, but then was interrupted by an incident.

A step towards you | Tohru reaching out for Akito
A step towards you | Tohru reaching out for Akito

KyoRu Sails

That KyoRu moment every manga reader has been waiting for! The first kiss will always be the sweetest, though for the couple, it’s a bit sad and off-the-moment. Still, it felt sincere and full of emotions from both Kyo and Tohru. Tohru continues to impress with her development - that she should continue walking and pursuing what her heart wants (for it’s her life), and that’s Kyo at that other end. As Kyo did not hesitate to kiss Tohru, here’s to hoping he conquer his fears and be by her side as she is with his. She is his light and hope. Kyo met Tohru halfway.

Of course, we cannot leave out THIS moment!
Of course, we cannot leave out THIS moment!

Killing with Kindness

The series introduced characters in their own versions of kindness. That’s something the show had the audience hooked. Being a slice-of-life manga/anime, it gave new perspectives to life, friendship and development. While Kureno displayed a pure (though it seemed pity for Akito) one, Kyo’s awkward kindness made the audience (and of course Tohru) love and root for him. Some people just don’t know how to genuinely express these feelings, but it naturally comes off with them realizing, and that’s kinda cute. Then there’s the twisted kindness of Shigure - he seemed exploitative and cunning, yet his intentions (even hurting the characters in the process, Akito especially) are inclined on breaking through the “curse”.

Bunny Bags No More

Momiji is here! Kinda curious as to how he was getting by with his curse broken and the one-sided crush he harbors on Tohru. It was great to see his usual self, smiling. Needless to say, his development has been the greatest among the Zodiacs. His backstory has been one that pains the most. Seeing how he positively carried on living with the curse and his pains, he sure matured a lot (and that growth spurt too!). His interaction with Akito was wonderful and proved his strong character. His smile is just too precious for the world!

Best boy Momiji!
Best boy Momiji!

With this progress, Fruits Basket continues to sail on more stable waters, giving off a vibe for a brighter future awaiting the Zodiacs. Akito’s smile in the last scene was something to behold! It was beautiful.

Will things continue to get better from this point? The end is fast-approaching.

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on June 7 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


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