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Fruits Basket: The Final Season FINALE Episode 13: The Pursuit of Happiness

Fruits Basket ended with a celebration of life and love!

May they always walk the flower path!
May they always walk the flower path!

Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 134 (the zoo part) and 136 (finale) of the manga. Faithful to the pages, it was a wonderful portrayal of Yuki’s confrontation of his feelings to Tohru plus the ending that gives a promise of a happy and worthwhile journey.


Welcome home, Yuki-kun.

This has been one of the prominent lines of Tohru and will probably be one of those which will be greatly missed! Yuki has finally confronted Tohru of his true feelings. His monologue was heartfelt! It was a son’s expression of gratitude to a mother who has always felt home. Tohru has supported Yuki since day one and has been a great moving force for him to stand where he is right now. Embarrassing and uncool it may sound; it was a touching moment. The first and last time he has called Tohru by her first name - it was rather moving!

"Thank you, Tohru..."
"Thank you, Tohru..."

Grow Old with You

The final scene was breathtaking! With their promise of forever, Tohru and Kyo endured long years together. Their past holds a great memory of their love winning over all adversities. Notice how the photo set increased as time goes by. The beads of Kyo’s bracelet (a reminder of him breaking from his past), the cap (a symbol of protective love from both Kyo and Yuki), the animal figures with the cat having the most upright position (a representation of the cat’s saving promise and redemption) and some photos of their “most precious” moments are proofs of their love conquering the odds.

To forever, with you
To forever, with you
“The stronger the love, the lonelier is the goodbye.”

This holds true not only to Tohru and the Somas but also to everyone who has been fans of the series, both anime and manga. It is truly heartbreaking to part with something you cherished over the years. While the idea is unsettling, it is also hopeful, as we cheer for them to live a long life (though just from a fictional view). The Somas have rendered Tohru as someone who is warm and kind, and that they wish for her to be happy all the days of her life. We can only wish them the best!


Author’s Over-all Rating: 9/10

Plot: 9/10 | With due reverence to the manga, the series has a great pacing, manifesting the critically acclaimed panels for significant story and ascend. The final season focus on the curse and on the key characters who were instrumental in breaking the bonds, the climax of the series. While it showed great story development, it could have ventured more on other sides of the stories of which the spectators are much anticipating, more characters displaying progress. You know it’s great when you get easily moved by emotions. Who did not shed tears will watching? Highly satisfactory.

Animation: 8.5/10 | The frames were well-manifested. The team was able to eloquently design and animate the characters, adding to the over-all impact of the show. The color schemes and backgrounds are visually satisfying. Though it cannot render as flawless, its aesthetic appeal cannot be questioned. In terms of this aspect, it outwits the previous adaptation (though it adapted the original illustrations from the manga, gambling on a different attempt was not hurtful though and turned out great). Oddly satisfactory.

Development: 9.5/10 | Fruits Basket has characters who are to reckon with for their great though slow and gradual development. There were those who were not expected to deliver well given their first impressions, yet they exceeded expectation. Although it is but natural to put the spotlight on the main characters for the ending, it can’t be helped to be curious of the others as well, their whereabouts and further development. Bet they are out there, celebrating their love! Truly satisfying!


Thank you, goodbye!

Fruits Basket has finally ended and though it was sad to say goodbye, it was chef’s bittersweet kiss! On a personal note, the series has always felt like home where one continuously longs for at the end of a long, tiring day. It was a bed of roses, thorny (painful) yet beautiful!

Loved everything about this! How the characters are united with their love and share moments together, the zoo date (Tohru’s friends giving their “most precious” to Kyo, a blessing), Yuki and Machi’s pledge of togetherness, Yuki’s speech (cry me a river!), the ending stroll (Grandma Tohru and Grandpa Kyo) and the face reveal of Katsuya (plus the sneak peek on the spin-off of Tohru’s parents’ story).

Their journey
Their journey

Fruits Basket has transcended various walks and thrusts of life. It set new perspectives on friendship, trust and love (romantic, familial, platonic) and has catapulted to ginormous developments. It was a relief to watch, seeing how the story has reached better grounds and opened rooms for growth among the characters. It ended with a promise that life is and will be better if one has the courage to take the step forward amidst the past and unbeknownst the future. It touched sensitive topics, exposed the vulnerabilities and worries of humans, and gave new insights that there is more to life than we know it.

The (unsung hero) Cat and the (imperfect prince) Rat
The (unsung hero) Cat and the (imperfect prince) Rat

Everyone will be missed! Here’s to hoping that you all walk the flower path and enjoy happy (and sad) moments together!

Last look on the Somas
Last look on the Somas

Thank you, Natsuki sensei, for a work of art that is Fruits Basket!

Katsuya and Kyoko's story is set to be told on 2022! Until then...


Official Anime Website: Fruits Basket: The Final Season

Official Anime Twitter: Fruits Basket: The Final Season


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