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'Given' OVA 'Uragawa no Sonzai' PV released, 7th volume & OVA to ship in December

Written by: Nicole Castro

Published on: August 20, 2021 at xx:xx PHT (GMT+8)

The official YouTube channel of BL anime label BLUE LYNX has revealed on Friday the PV for the upcoming "Given: Uragawa no Sonzai (Given: The One on the Flip-Side)", the original video animation (OVA) for Natsuki Kizu's Given manga series.

This OVA focuses on events centered on Mafuyu Satou and Ritsuka Uenoyama that occurred in midwinter and early summer which were not depicted in Given the Movie.

The OVA is bundled with the special edition version of the seventh manga volume which will be shipped on December 1, 2021. Reservations to purchase the seventh volume are until August 29.

Staff List

  • Original work: Natsuki Kizu's "Given" (serialized in Shinshokan's Chéri+)

  • Director: Akiyo Ohashi (大橋明代)

  • Screenplay: Yuniko Ayana (綾奈ゆにこ)

  • Production: Lerche

  • Character design: Mina Osawa (大沢美奈)

  • Chief animation director: Hina Nagata (永田陽菜)

  • Art director: Kohei Ota (太田光平)

  • Color design: Kaguchi Dairo (加口大朗)

  • Cinematographer: Naoki Serizawa (芹澤直樹)

  • Assistant Cinematographer: Sena Nakagawa (中川せな)

  • CG Director: Tomoya Mizuno (水野朋也)

  • Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta (菊田浩巳)

  • Music: Michiru (未知瑠)

  • Editing: Rie Itou (伊藤利恵)

  • Animation Producer: Yuji Higa (比嘉勇二), Nobuto Akita (秋田信人)

Cast List

  • Shougo Yano (矢野奨吾) as Mafuyu Satou

  • Yuuma Uchida (内田 雄馬) as Ritsuka Uenoyama

  • Masatomo Nakazawa (中澤まさとも) as Haruki Nakayama

  • Takuya Eguchi (江口 拓也) as Akihiko Kaji

About Given

Given (ギヴン) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Kizu. The series follows a group of four students in an amateur rock band who gradually develop romantic relationships. The first story arc focuses on the relationship between electric guitarist Ritsuka Uenoyama and vocalist Mafuyu Satou, while the second story arc focuses on the relationship between bassist Haruki Nakayama and drummer Akihiko Kaji.

The series has been adapted multiple times, with the most notable being the 11-episode anime television series in 2019. The anime television series aired on Fuji TV's Noitamina programming block, and was the first boys' love (BL) series to air on Noitamina.

Given is considered by many fans and critics as one of the best anime series released in 2019, largely due to its emotional honesty and complexity, excellent visuals and audio, and well-developed characters who are openly gay couples.


Source: Given anime official Twitter | BLUE LYNX official website | BLUE LYNX official YouTube | Comic Natalie | Anime News Network


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