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'Heat the Pig Liver: The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig.' light novel gets TV anime adaptation

Written by: Jei Beltrano

Published on: December 13, 2021 at 00:01 PHT (GMT+8)

The official Twitter of Dengeki Bunko, the publishing imprint affiliated with the Japanese publishing company ASCII Media Works, has announced on Saturday that Takuma Sakai and Asagi Tohsaka's "Heat the Pig Liver (Buta no Liver wa Kanetsu Shiro)" light novel series is getting a television (TV) anime adaptation. No other details were revealed as of writing.

The original light novel series is written by Takuma Sakai and illustrated by Asagi Tohsaka which begin its publication last March 2020 under ASCII Media Work's Dengeki Bunko imprint. It has been collected into five individual volumes as of December 2021.

The novel inspired a manga adaptation with art by Minami which is currently being published under the Dengeki Comics NEXT imprint since February 2021. The manga has been collected into two individual volumes as of writing.

Synopsis via ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Bunko imprint:

I'm a dull nerd who lost consciousness after eating raw pork liver. When I thought I was reincarnated in another world, I was just a pig!

It was Jess, a girl who could read people's hearts, who helped me roll in the pig pen.

Buh! cute! From the perspective of a pig, the hem of the skirt is a glimpse of pure white.

"Oh, I can hear the voice of my heart ..."

It's bad! Desire is leaking!

"If you want it, just a little"

Eh ...!

A life that is taken care of by an innocent girl who accepts my desires like a beast (albeit a little bit). Hmmm, isn't it bad to be a pig?

This was supposed to be our crazy adventure ... but Jess, why are you aiming for your life?

Buta no Liver wa Kanetsu Shiro


Source: Dengeki Bunko Official Twitter


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