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Horimiya - Episode 1 [EP Review]

Breaking off cliches of uber romance, a sweet bond of twists and turns is made - a link entwined with secrets and wonders of young love.

The long wait is over! The television anime adaptation of HERO and Daisuke Hagiwara's Horimiya (Hori-san to Miyamura-kun) manga series is finally here! With the Japanese release of the original manga way back 2012 followed by its English release in 2015, manga-fans are on high anticipation as the series finally gets animated, debuting on the small screen. With the premiere, there really is something to look forward!

Hori and Miyamura and the students of Class 3-1
Meet Class 3-1 of Katagiri Senior High School!

A typical day in high school - Yasuda-sensei off with his ments that earned backlashes from the students. Kyoko Hori converses with her friend Yuki Yoshikawa and classmate Tooru Ishikawa, an invitation to a karaoke session after school to which Hori declined. Izumi Miyamura started getting off home but was stopped on his tracks when Hori’s phone dropped. He picked it up and handed over to Hori - their first conversation. A deeper connection brews when Hori’s little brother Souta, arrived home with a nosebleed, accompanied by a “mysterious” guy - heavy on piercings and hair tied. Eventually dawning unto her, the guy revealed himself as Miyamura! Dumbfounded, Hori frustrates on Miyamura knowing her “secret”. Miyamura has warmed up to Hori as he shared a part of him unknown to most.

“Everyone has a side of themselves they don’t want other people to see.”
Kyoko Hori school persona
Kyoko Hori - pretty, smart, popular (a high school crush)

Kyoko Hori (voiced by Haruka Tomatsu) is not your average high school crush. Known for her amiability, striking visuals, and exemplar academic performance, she is cherished among her peers. Behind her vibrant outer persona lies a side not common to her acquaintances. With her parents often away due to job arrangements, she looks after Souta and is in charge of doing the house works. Hanging out with friends, shopping for girl stuffs, after-school activities are luxuries she cannot afford.

“I don’t want anyone else to know about this side of you…”
Izumi Miyamura school persona
Izumi Miyamura - gloomy, nerdy (a labeled "otaku")

Izumi Miyamura (voiced by Kouki Uchiyama) has a gloomy personality as seen by his classmates. Adding the brooding details of his long hair and glasses, he was tagged as an otaku. He rarely talks and interacts with anyone. Despite the somber vibes he gives off is a rather wild yet gentle demeanor. As bold as he can be, he revealed to have piercings on his ears and lip and tattoos on his torso and left shoulder contrary to his sullen appearance and reserved behavior.

Tooru Ishikawa (voiced by Seiichirou Yamashita) hides a crush on Hori. He was quite taken aback by the developing “closeness” between Hori and Miyamura of which he commented “something unexpected”. With an eerie feeling of jealousy, he confronted Miyamura at school. With their continued interaction, he was drawn to see another version of Miyamura, beneath the layers of clothing and neck-length hair.


CloverWorks is in charge of the series’ animation. Masashi Ishihama works as the director with Takao Yoshioka assigned for the screenplay and script. Haruko Iizuka works on character designs while music production is taken over by Masaru Yokoyama. With a dynamic display of colors, the frames set-off a bright and exciting mood, common to most romcoms. Not to mention over-the-top character visuals - a feast of good-looking youth!

The opening theme is titled "Iro Kousui" (Color Perfume) performed by singer-songwriter Yoh Kamiyama. The song has a lyrical appeal, exuding a melancholic tone though upbeat. The characters seemed bearing a heavy weight with sadness on their faces.

The ending theme "Yakusoku" by Friends sets-off friendly and embracing feels that can warm hearts of listeners. The 5-member “Shinsen band” synthesizes pop music with euphoric live performances, depicting scenes fit for romance and friendships, suited for audience of any age and gender. Contrary to the OP, it creates an ambience of youth and budding romance.


MANGA SPIEL! The pilot episode covered chapters 1 and 3 of the manga. Little scenes from the chapters were cut-off (to mention, minor changes in some contexts), but the impact did not create a loose end. However, that “indirect kiss” from Chapter 2 would have blown the audience away!

“It kinda feels like this moment belongs to me and only me.”
Hori and Miyamura shared a common space and "moment".
The gap between Hori and Miyamura is closing in!

Hori and Miyamura found a safe haven between them. They overcame a wall and sailed off to a new friendship, a momentous event shared only by them as they explore the marvels of youth, innocence and love. With the gap gradually closing in, can they bear the little space in between?

Horimiya new episode releases every Saturdays at 12:30am JST.

How was the first episode? Shipping the two already? Isn't Miyamura just breathtaking? Let us know your thoughts!


Official Anime Website: Horimiya

Official Anime Twitter: Horimiya


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