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Horimiya Episode 11: Hate You, Love You

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Everyone holds someone dear to their hearts - there is a protective love that’s readily felt though not always shown.

Iura siblings and their kinda "love-hate" relationship
Iura siblings and their kinda "love-hate" relationship

Quick Recap: It May Seem Like Hate

Iura siblings. Shu, Motoko and the wall in between.

Second-hand embarrassment. “I won’t take them away” - this line of Yanagi made Miyamura blush and ran away. What could he have possibly taken away from Miyamura?


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 75, 76, frames from Ch 86, 91 and 103 of the manga. Ch 75 features an embarrassed Miyamura towards Yanagi’s remark. Ch 76 introduces the Iura siblings. Ch 86 shows Miyamura and Yanagi bothering Kouno. Ch 91 tells of Motoko’s dilemma and Shu’s big brother side. Ch 103 draws Sawada and Iura closer.

Now, that’s quite a jump! So far, there were many scenes left out that audience could have died from! Manga readers might feel robbed of these crucial panels. For added feels and cringe!


Author’s Corner: “Hate you, love you”

This episode was packed with humors and second-hand embarrassments that landed a punch of a good laugh! It featured the cute side of the characters - their chibi versions are to die for! A break from the touchy subjects of love, this has an ample dose of comic relief.

With another thrust from the main leads, Horimiya continues to warm hearts by drawing side stories and forms of love - this time, sibling love. Shu is your typical loud, easy-go-lucky guy who is free to do whatever he wants - at least in front of his friends. Contrary to his outward personality, he is an affectionate big brother - much to the surprise of all. Everyone holds someone dear to their hearts. Matters on family are sensitive topics rarely brought into light and when they do, it is but natural to be overprotective. The same goes for Shu. His sister was feeling off from having heard discouragements from a teacher (Seriously, how can someone say that? That was overboard, from an educator’s stance). Get the feeling that you are trying real hard to make things work out for you, but it seems everything keeps falling apart? Sucks, right? Motoko is in a dilemma. Her brother was quick in offering a hand and saved her from falling into despair. If that is not love, then what is? They might seem to have drawn a thick line of separation, but this very moment caused it to thin out and close in. It is a celebration of love. It might seem like hate due to their less interaction, but love is definitely there. Not the showy type, rather reserved and protective, one that is ready to plunge in when needed.

Affectionate, protective big brother Shu! His eyes speak of lengths.
Affectionate, protective big brother Shu! His eyes speak of lengths.

Sweet, comical and steady - the episode maintained a constant velocity on things.


Lingering thoughts: Cuteness overload

Shu and Honoka. Loud and annoying, Sawada finds it still hard to interact with Iura. She gets frightened all the time! But him offering her a hand somehow warmed Sawada. Sensing another love-hate moment! Though it resulted to another misunderstanding… Hope they meet halfway already!