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Horimiya Episode 12: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

…and the best season for love! Horimiya proves that love, indeed, is the greatest gift of all!

It’s Christmas in Horimiya wonderland! Our favorite couples have their own share of Christmas stories that definitely lit the hearth despite the frost.

DISCLAIMER: Might contain SOME spoilers.

The MAIN couple! Such an exquisite display of colors and emotions!
The MAIN couple! Such an exquisite display of colors and emotions!

"Hitherto and Forevermore"

Christmas is the WARMEST season! The couples are off to celebrating Christmas with their love!


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 63, 64 and 73 of the manga. Ch 63 features the couples and siblings in their preparations and arrangements for Christmas dinner. Ch 64 follows Hori and Miyamura’s trip to the shrine for New Year’s Eve. Ch 73 tells of the deepening yet complicated relationship between Yuki and Toru. Quite a flip back these crucial panels! It was worth a shot! The most wonderful panels.


Author’s Corner: Red is the warmest color.

Are we at the finale already? The title dropped a major bomb that seemed to have been an ender for the series! Still, it was great to actually see these frames despite a major leap of the chapters, the greater scenes. This episode was indeed climactic and packed with emotions of bliss and joys of young love and romance. Finally, the main leads get to return to the spotlight. The audience gets to see all the characters in this episode, which was a good point considering the upcoming end. Horimiya continues to prove its lead bender style whilst maintaining a steady one for the main - all characters drawn into the light and different types of love winning every time! However, audience can’t fail to miss out the Horimiya couple who had broken the stereotypes and set a new standard of love that knows no gender roles, no restrictions, of insecurities and instabilities yet conquered them all. With a good dose of laugh and romance, the episode touched a special spot in the heart - of how love can warm the coldest season of the year!


I am Happy with the Way Things Are.

Yuki and Toru might be the most complicated couple in anime land, by far! Too much closed doors for these two! Yet, this episode featured a step taken forward. That head pat! Their interaction speaks of more than friendship, a special one. But hopefully these two shed more light to their relationship. Bet fans would want to see them winning over and one of the couples to root for.

The head pat! Followed by Toru's sweet smile. *swoons*
The head pat! Followed by Toru's sweet smile. *swoons*

You’ll Come for Christmas, right?

Remi and Kakeru - the cute couple. The student council president had manifested his cool side as the “master romancer” with his remark on Yuki and Toru’s affair. Definitely cool! He knows his words well! Yet, behind the intimidating vibes lies a soft and cute side of him frightened by insects! This was a dilemma every time he drops by the Ayasaki residence. But out of love, he mustered his courage to face the mantis (scaredy Sengoku-kun!) and have Christmas dinner over Remi’s! If that’s not love, then what is, right?

A cute Remi pestering a troubled Sengoku!
A cute Remi pestering a troubled Sengoku!

The Iori bakery shop is busy this time of the year. Miyamura might not make it to dinner over Hori’s due to high demands. But love knows no boundaries and limitations…

Let’s Get Married!

The proposal! Hori and Miyamura winning their love over and over again! The animation was picturesque and well-played, magnifying the romantic and heartwarming vibe despite the cold. It was a beautiful display of colors and emotions. The warm blush!

New Year’s Eve

Together forever! How nice it is to spend the holidays with a special someone! Here’s to another year filled with love and affection to our favorite couple!

Together, Forever!
Together, Forever!

Sharing is love!

The Iura siblings hold a banquet. Akane Yanagi mesmerized by the giant Christmas tree while talking to Yuki’s older sister is a wonder to the eyes! The Tanihara siblings bicker, displaying their tough brotherly love. Honoka Sawada smiles over a cake she bought at Miyamura’s. Shindou and his girlfriend share a cake. It's a feast of all forms of love!

Sibling love, romantic love, platonic love - it's a celebration!
Sibling love, romantic love, platonic love - it's a celebration!

EXTRA cuteness!

The Horis’ fetish over Miyamura is all over the place. Miyamura is definitely owned by the Horis! Sota being a fluff ball and the best baby boy in this episode!


Nothing warms the heart more than sharing a special moment with loved ones.

A wonderful season to be in love!

Horimiya last episode releases on Sunday (April 4) at 12:30am JST.


Official Anime Website: Horimiya

Official Anime Twitter: Horimiya


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