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Horimiya - Episode 3 [EP Review]

Of heart skips and little tap dances - Horimiya has taken another lead on friendships and romance.

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers from the manga! Your call!

A brooding romance? Just Izumi and Tooru's petty quarrels!
A brooding romance? Just Izumi and Tooru's petty quarrels!

Quick Recap: That’s Why It’s Okay

Young Izumi. Miyamura had a recall of his lonely childhood. Left out. Outcast. Seems like high school had been no different until Hori managed to talk to him.

Different ages, same sadness - The smile has left your eyes, Izumi...
Different ages, same sadness - The smile has left your eyes, Izumi...

“He’s mine!” More hate for Ayasaki? A confrontation made Hori (subconsciously and indirectly) took a step of realizing who really is Miyamura to her when teased by Remi. Ohh Hori…

“I (like) love you… Your hands!” Hori fact check: She’s into horror movies! Quite the opposite for Miyamura - the guy freaks out! He noticed Hori’s double-jointed index finger to which they’ve compared and eventually interlaced hands! (*gasps*) Needless to say, this was the best scene!


Manga Spiel! This episode covered chapters 10, 11, 12 and 13 of the manga. The animation did not fail to deliver the same vibes from the manga frames. The episode has a richer and more promising take on the panels which was a relief and a play to escalate the surge of emotions of the characters and the audience as well. Slowly but surely!


Author’s Corner: Of heart skips and little tap dances

Horimiya’s taken another leap in exciting young hearts as the characters confront more and sort out their feelings. How good it is to be young and develop these feelings of affection! Hori and Miyamura are both called to discover their heart desires and to take a step forward.

Undoubtedly, the manga took time to further deepen these “heartstrings” (imagine rushing the chapters to get to “those scenes”). The same goes to the animation. More chapters covered per episode increased the pacing, yet the progress is slow. More cringe-worthy scenes, hints on brooding romances, character developments and twists! That’s what makes Horimiya a fun venture! This series had hearts skipping a beat and doing little tap dances in hope and anticipation. Have yours done the same? You’re in the hype!

Another sweet moment! (*heart flutters*)
Another sweet moment! (*heart flutters*)

Random thoughts: to ponder and anticipate

  • Izumi and Tooru. From love rivals (or so Tooru thought) to friends to sudden enemies? The rooftop scene further gives away a deeper connection between the two, not until both ended up coming to school with bandages and bruises. Not to mention them fighting over Hori. Well, friends can get really lovey-dovey and violent with each other at times, eh? More from this duo!

  • First name basis. Isn’t it a bit comfortable and just right to call friends with their first names? But this can be a bit difficult for some, right, Hori? (Hurry, read on!) Miyamura, you too!

  • “Pretty sure I lost.” This line of Tooru gets double meanings. One: well, technically he lost to Miyamura in their petty brawl (Izumi pinning Tooru down). Two: With the development of the story, Miyamura has taken the lead on Hori, right? Hang in there, Tooru-kun!

  • Sometimes, it's hard to be upfront with one's feelings, right?

Remi's tease on Hori gone serious!
Remi's tease on Hori gone serious!


A member of the team. Hori, Yuki, Miyamura and Tooru are in the same class, yet Miyamura questions his existence in this “team”. He now has friends he can share laughs and interact with. He was immediately pulled to the surface after being suffocated in the dark waters. Being traumatized puts on a heavy weight, still removing the shackles that once binding is something one had to deal with his own. He has to take the initiative and be driven by inspiration from his friends.

Miyamura's circle of friends
Miyamura's circle of friends

What we missed: a dose of (more) cringe-ness!

Umbrella. There was this one rainy afternoon, and Hori forgot to bring her umbrella. Miyamura bumps into her. In a desperate plight to go home, Hori dashes away only to be stopped by Miyamura who removes his jacket and draped it over Hori as they ran off. (*heart skips*) Miyamura’s too leading; the more Hori becomes confused!


“It’s okay not to be okay.” Everyone holds a dark memory of the past. Behind the smile lies sadness. Whereas holding on to these thoughts seemed to be pretty human, we are all called to step into the light and “break free”. It’s alright to cling on to them; it becomes an anchor and a source of renewed strength. Minna-san, gambaro!

Who do you think has developed deeper feelings first: Hori or Miyamura? Since when? What do you think of Hori’s “indirect” confession? Slide in the comments section and let’s discuss your thoughts!

Horimiya new episode release on Sunday at 12:30am JST.


Official Anime Website: Horimiya

Official Anime Twitter: Horimiya


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