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Horimiya Episode 5: Of Unspoken Words

With unspoken words and outward actions, Hori and Miyamura took on a steady relationship.

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers, even from the manga. Your call! Ohh and prepare your hearts as the story escalates!

Another character closing in! Has Sota been on a sudden growth spurt?
Another character closing in! Has Sota been on a sudden growth spurt?

Quick Recap: I Can’t Say It Out Loud

Talk about awkward! Hori skips school to avoid confrontation with Miyamura. The confession really bugged her.

Jealousy in the air! Miyamura with another girl? Sota recounted one afternoon when he spotted his “oni-chan” with a girl locking her arms with Miyamura’s. Uh-oh… Hori became clouded with flustered thoughts and speculations.

“Sota Senior”. The head of the Hori household made an introduction. A father-daughter bitter reunion and a father-suitor pep talk!

A fond Kyosuke intimidates Izumi.
A fond Kyosuke intimidates Izumi.

Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 21 to 25 of the manga. Though the animation fast-tracked the plot, the crucial frames were not left out and were portrayed exquisitely. Every scene made the audience laugh, cringe and relate with the characters.


Author’s Corner: Of unspoken words

There are things better left unsaid yet felt by the heart. Having set the ship sailing with his confession, Miyamura has taken a great leap ahead. Now, Hori closes in, balancing the equation. Their relationship catapulted on another level and continues to gain magnitude and direction as it steadies - Hori having mutual feelings with that of Miyamura. Their actions gave away what the mouth cannot utter.

Hori and Miyamura with their myriad display of emotions: A rollercoaster ride!
Hori and Miyamura with their myriad display of emotions: A rollercoaster ride!

Random thoughts and slices-of-reality: On relationships - familial, romantic, platonic

Kyosuke. Kyoko and Sota’s father seemed to be an easy-going fella but he sure sticks his nose more when it comes to his children. His retort on Kyoko bringing a “random” guy and prying more on their “relationship” shows his humor yet fatherly side. Can’t help but notice the violence Kyoko has on her father. Though with comical intentions, the depiction has a certain level of cruelty unimaginable to such relationships.

A father-daughter (too-brutal-yet-we-got-each-other) relationship between Kyosuke and Kyoko
A father-daughter (too-brutal-yet-we-got-each-other) relationship between Kyosuke and Kyoko

“I will cut it!” Miyamura’s assertiveness on his claim on cutting his long hair on grounds that Hori’s father has no fascination of long-haired guys (quite the contrary there, *coughs*) speaks of his true intentions in pursuing Hori. Taking another step to deepen their connection, Miyamura is steadfast in his resolve to gain her parents’ approval.

A night stroll. How atypical of a girl to walk a guy home late at night. Horimiya broke the cliches of gender roles where the guy makes sure the girl makes it safe back home. Kyoko’s character design is not your ordinary damsel-in-distress, a princess waiting to be saved, a flower that should be taken extra care for; rather, she fits both roles of saving and being saved. Though she has her down and off-moments, her context is something expected of someone her age - the “blooming” stage. Surely, the female audience can fit themselves in Hori’s shoes. The play is just too realistic it becomes easier to connect.

Izumi and Tooru. A bubble of love popped. Ishikawa suffered from another heartache (Hang in there, bud!) when he received a call from Miyamura on his “confession”. Seeing how Miyamura eased his way to Hori and swept her off her feet in a flick of a finger despite their short acquaintance struck a heavy arrow to Tooru’s healing heart. Yet, their friendship prevailed - Tooru inadvertently rooting for Izumi with a dash of tease.

“Beauty and the Beast”. Sakura compared her and Remi to this old story - she being the “beast” with her not-so-appealing visuals and Remi the “beauty” due to her good-looking features. Having someone she likes and not getting the guy’s attention frustrates her, with an inferiority complex over her best friend. But Remi is more than a pretty face. Her innocence and fetish on Sakura as a dear friend win over the latter’s doubts.


Insider story: a flip on the (critical) pages

Manga frames featured Miyamura talking with Shindou over the former’s confession which flustered him (contrary to popular opinion that only Hori was bothered by that). Miyamura fears Hori’s response. He regarded himself not deserving of her, earning a kick from his friend.

“The moment that you doubted yourself was also the same moment where you doubted Hori-san! So don’t run away!” - Shindou to Miyamura
Hori and Miyamura took on a steady relationship. Heart-fluttering moment!
Hori and Miyamura took on a steady relationship. Heart-fluttering moment!

Actions speak louder than words. Whereas this is true for most of the time, the sincerity and validation of actions are scrutinized by the power of words. While this may lead to confusion and misunderstandings, Hori and Miyamura both have deciphered the meaning behind each other’s body language. They can’t get the words out, but their actions manifest their affection.

Surely, Horimiya continues to warm hearts everywhere!

Share your thoughts in the comments section if you feel the same way.

Horimiya new episode releases on Sundays at 12:30am JST.


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