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Horimiya Episode 6: A “Cold” Valentine’s Story!

A Valentine’s story: Miyamura once again turned the tides and caught Hori off-guard!

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers. You've been warned!

Miyamura's cold death stare sends chills! Uh-ohh...
Miyamura's cold death stare sends chills! Uh-ohh...

Quick Recap: This Summer’s Going to Be a Hot One (Suddenly, it became too hot!)

Best buds! Just Kyosuke taking a fascination of Miyamura. Eating together. Bathing together. Sleeping together. Daddy got his dibs on Miyamura!

New look for the new season?! A familiar face enters the class, much to the surprise of everyone. Another plot twist!

A rival?! A stalker follows Miyamura all day, confronting him of his relationship with Hori.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 26 - 31 of the manga. Fast-tracking through the manga panels, it was a good take on developing the story and a play to excite the viewers on the blossoming relationship and new pressures to spice the plot.


Author’s Corner: Sweetest episode!

Horimiya has taken another big leap in to the relationship between Hori and Miyamura as it ventures on them taking steps forward. This episode, by far, has to be one of the most cringeworthy and sweetest episode! The story has a great build-up - it did not fail to disappoint fans and audience who seek better play and development especially on “relationships”. How can each episode make hearts beat fast and send butterflies in the stomach? This had viewers literally clutching on their seats in a roller-coaster ride of emotions - from laughs to smiles to wishful thinking of being dragged into the show! Every animation panel sends a different vibe that surely cascaded a wave of feelings - to add, simple acts in which the audience can readily connect and let the imagination run loose.

Almost! But was interrupted...
Almost! But was interrupted...

Random thoughts: Sending hearts and good laughs!

Miyamura version 2.0. So he was really serious when he said he’ll cut his hair to gain Kyosuke’s approval? Attaboy! Though long-haired Miyamura is surely breathtaking, short-haired Miyamura is not as bad as it seems! With the glasses off, his face is a beauty to behold! This is a good restart for Miyamura as he begins to discern his feelings and let go of the chains that bound him for long. And more on taking his relationship with Hori to greater heights!

‘A Guide on How to Steal a Candy’ by Miyamura. Shindou took home a bag of candies and invited Miyamura to have some. He and Hori went over to Shindou’s and had a taste of the unusual flavors left. When Hori chews on a clay-flavored one, Miyamura inquires of the taste by stealing the candy with his mouth! (*gasps*) Oh Miyamura! How to be the candy or Hori?! Miyamura has quite a few tricks up his sleeves! Sneaky!

Miyamura Hacks: How to Steal a Candy
Miyamura Hacks: How to Steal a Candy

Miyamura girl version! Having the same eye and hair color, Miyamura and Sawada can pass as siblings! The two might be “love rivals”, but they had eased on the tension when Miyamura invited her over for a cake. He learned of Sawada’s older brother who passed away and of Sawada’s complex on boys. See how he protected her when cornered by male students? The eyes! This is a cute big-bro-lil-sis interaction.

‘Tug-of-war’ Hori edition! Sawada took a liking of Hori and had been in the shadow watching her and Miyamura. Hori was pulled in a game of tug-of-war between Sawada and Miyamura. The two

had been in constant bickerings that are nothing but fun to watch! Miyamura’s “She’s mine” blew everyone off! So the possessive type…

The rivalry is on! Miyamura vs. Sawada!
The rivalry is on! Miyamura vs. Sawada!

Kyosuke. Surely, he stole some of the scenes with his comic character. But the last scene had the audience wishing for more… What a perfect timing!


Cheers to everyone celebrating love - romantic, familial, platonic. May love continue to put smiles and send thrills to the heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

That "She's mine!" Hori is Miyamura's. Miyamura is Hori's. We got it!
That "She's mine!" Hori is Miyamura's. Miyamura is Hori's. We got it!

Which hairstyle did Miyamura slay more? What is your favorite candy flavor? How do you like your candy be stolen by your special someone? How can we move on from this episode? Someone, send help in the comments section!

Horimiya new episode releases on Sundays at 12:30am JST.


Official Anime Website: Horimiya

Official Anime Twitter: Horimiya


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