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Horimiya Episode 7: The Fiery Hearth Called Love

Horimiya drowned the audience in a warm pool of affection as it sets its sail over the cold winter season.

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers. Your call!

Warm hugs from Hori! Welcome back, dummy!
Warm hugs from Hori! Welcome back, dummy!

Quick Recap: You’re Here, I’m Here

Of cookies and cupcakes! Another romance brews as the girls try to win their love by sending “presents”. Tooru seemed oblivious of the sudden warmth from Sakura and Yuki.

Gone to Hokkaido! Miyamura took time off school when his family visited their relatives on Hokkaido for five days. The time agonized Hori who misses Miyamura bigtime!


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 34 - 37 of the manga. The plot continues its good development with the increasing tension and excitement as never-before-seen sides of the character were drawn into the light. A beautiful feast of myriad emotions!


Author’s Corner: Of the flames of love and warm hugs

Winter might be on, but Horimiya definitely warmed the pit and ignited the flames of the hearth! It gets more exciting each week as the development gains a stronger foothold and hit the audience with another magnanimous wave of emotions, plunging into deeper contexts of romance as Hori and Miyamura shares the warmth of love. The story continues to magnify these feelings of affection, taking into greater heights and speeding into upfront plays. That bed scene (can we call it that?)! Needless to say, that became another turning point and a huge lead in deepening Hori and Miyamura’s relationship by a thousand feet! A decent portrayal without a doubt. Manga fans might have been drowning over it for the past years, yet seeing it animated heightened the feels! This, by far, is the most straightforward and warmest episode, that undeniably, love is in the air!

The intimate exchange of hugs between Hori and Miyamura! Ohh to be encapsulated in those embraces!
The intimate exchange of hugs between Hori and Miyamura! Ohh to be encapsulated in those embraces!

Random thoughts: The many facets of love

Yuki. There’s something new in the air. The cheerful Yuki showed emotions she never displayed before - that behind her smile, sadness and secrets lie. On the fact that Tooru seemed to be enjoying the company of “another friend”, Yuki tried to make a step forward by doing something out of her character to draw Tooru closer to her. They have spent some time together without progress (Going there, right?). Too complicated? The ambiguity of love.

Yuki's and Sengoku's love come into the light!
Yuki's and Sengoku's love come into the light!

Sengoku. It is one of the strong points of the student council president unfamiliar to all. This is one of the rare chances the audience get to see this Sengoku. Despite the calculated and firm demeanor being a leader, he showed his warm side when asked why he likes Remi. Being someone who feels the need to protect her, making him go out of his box and become stronger to win her over and over again - Kakeru surely knows how to work his way. The power of love. Way to go, Kaichou!

“Hurry up and get back here, dummy” is the new “I miss you”! It was rather cute to see this vulnerable side of Hori contrary to her cold and intimidating vibes. Five days might be not too much (is it?), but for her to rush and welcome back Miyamura with a warm, tight hug expressed her longing for him. How’d knew five days can be this long? Hori knows how to keep her guy. *winks* The cute side of love. Kawaii!

“I didn’t fall in love with a ‘normal person’. I fell for you.” Hori is way above your typical high school girl. She has her insecurities and a too-hard-to-handle personality, yet Miyamura was able to sweep her off her feet and win her. Isn’t it illegal to look this good? Here is Miyamura again, making the viewers swoon over his top-tier visuals as he keeps getting more and more beautiful to watch! And not only is he mesmerizing to look at, but his warm regard towards Hori is also something that makes him too precious to keep. Ohh the hug exchanges! The intimacy of love. This is also the first time Hori clearly called Miyamura by his first name, Izumi. The development there!

Hori “marks” Miyamura! A rather response to Miyamura’s “She’s mine”, now Hori made her claim! The possessive side of love.

“I won’t steal your big sister away from you, Souta. But can I have Kyoko?” Leaving this line here for more feels and love for Miyamura! The sweet side of love.

A big brother and little brother moment!
A big brother and little brother moment!

Horimiya continues to warm hearts everywhere!

Did your hearts flutter? Which couple are you rooting for more? Are you on Team Yuki or Team Sakura? Let us know your bets in the comments section!

Horimiya new episode releases on Sundays at 12:30am JST.


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