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Horimiya Episode 8: I Like You, I Don’t and Everything in Between

On constant velocities and acceleration, Horimiya maintains a steady development and blossoms new romance whilst growing sophistication.

DISCLAIMER: Minor spoiler alert!

Good boy gone bad?! Miyamura dominance!
Good boy gone bad?! Miyamura dominance!

Quick Recap: The Truth Deception Reveals

A confession story. Sengoku and Ayasaki’s love on the spotlight!

Masochist Miyamura?! Hori always messing up with Miyamura is a thing. How ‘bout a Miyamura talking down and dirty? Kinda hot, right? However, he is lost. Keep it cool!

It’s complicated. Ishikawa and Yoshikawa’s status complicated with a new character. Is it too late?


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 38, 39, 43, 44 and 70 of the manga. Ch 38 and 39 foretell Miyamura and Sengoku’s “demons”. Ch 39 features a “sadist” Miyamura. Ch 44 introduces Akane Yanagi while Ch 70 tells of the budding romance between Remi and Kakeru. Quite a flip through the panels. What you read is what you see.


Author’s Corner: On constant velocities and acceleration

Horimiya maintains a steady development with constant velocity on the relationship between Kyoko and Izumi. Whereas the episode allowed audience to see another side of Izumi as he tried to “spice up” his game (being a "dominant" one), it featured other couples' stories that are fun and exciting to watch as much as the main leads. Who wouldn’t want to get a dose of the cute Remi and stern Kakeru? Who does not root for the insecure Tooru and the in-denial Yuki? Gaining acceleration with these equally satisfying contents, other facets of romance are drawn into the light, adding up to the overall appeal of the series. Although watching the leads take on new heights in exploring their youth and love is something to behold, it is of the same excitement and anticipation to see more growth from the people around them. The audience get to balance out the feels between the MCs and the supporting ones. Well-played pacing and development.

A cute confession and an awkward status!
A cute confession and an awkward status!

Random thoughts: Confessions and Sophistications

If the world will end tomorrow, what would you do today? This question became the avenue for love to blossom between Sengoku and Ayasaki. Wasn’t their confession TOO cute? Cringe yet sweet! How the cold and weak Sengoku warmed and changed for Ayasaki since they began seeing each other is a proof how great love is a force to move mountains and conquer new seas. Overcoming one’s monsters and becoming stronger for the ones you love is a commendable development. This may not be from the MC point of view, but it surely deserves salutation.

Too cute! A flustered Sengoku caught by a teasing Ayasaki
Too cute! A flustered Sengoku caught by a teasing Ayasaki

Caution: HOT! At last! For years, manga fans had been swooning over a particular character who happened to appear later than anyone else in the series. Akane Yanagi, from Class 6, confessed his feelings to Yuki! Hot character spotted! Even from the manga panels, his visuals are said to be over-the-top - the animation did not fail to catch on this!

Flower boy Akane Yanagi!
Flower boy Akane Yanagi!

Rent-A-Boyfriend. Tooru and Yuki is a complicated couple. Well, referring to them as a couple yet is a bit overplay, but the development seems to steer in such direction. With the introduction of Yanagi who has been fond of Yoshikawa, it puts their relationship to a more awkward stance. To reject Akane (seriously, how can you turn down THAT?), Yuki hires Tooru as “boyfriend-for-a-day”. Seeing Akane, Tooru felt insecure of the guy’s top tier looks (way superior than his) and Kyoko and Izumi began questioning Yuki’s “taste”. Though Yuki’s act of “looking past the outward appearance” deserves a pat in the head, surely it was a loss to let go of someone of THAT level, both in visuals and in mustering up the guts to confess their love. Yanagi’s quite a catch! Oh well, Yuki has had her eyes on someone, that explains it.


Ending on a gleeful note. The episode was a steady one. For the past weeks, a tall spike on Hori and Miyamura’s relationship fed up the audience and gained more feels and excitement for the series. Opening the curtains for other character plays was a good venture to add more spice and heightened the anticipation for a better turn-out of events. Nice play!

Which couple are you rooting for more? Yes, we got our dibs on Hori and Miyamura, but isn’t it more exciting to see other couples grow in their love?

Horimiya new episode releases on Sundays at 12:30am JST.


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