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Horimiya FINALE Episode 13: Happily Ever After!

Love wins! Horimiya says goodbye! The anime series ended on a happy tone, just as how the manga ended.

The last panel! A beautiful goodbye!
The last panel! A beautiful goodbye!

“I Would Gift You the Sky”

Happy Graduation! The squad reached the culmination of high school and have mixed emotions (Remi seemed the most emotional of all) as it all comes to an end.

Closures. Sakura and Toru’s goodbye was wonderful and just. Yuki and Akane breaking-the-awkwardness was a fulfilling moment.

Their closures are satisfying.
Their closures are satisfying.

Manga Spiel! The final episode covered the last three chapters of the manga. Disappointing to go through the chapter skips, still the audience was offered the short yet sweet adaptation.


Author’s Corner: Your typical happy ending!

Horimiya has finally ended! Like any princess stories, this ended on a gleeful note! Don’t omit the laughs and cuteness - Miyamura stealing Sengoku’s speech with a terrible sneeze, Shu being the noisiest lad of all, Remi’s cheeks being pinched. Hori and Miyamura had overcome the troubles of growing up and are ready to take on the world after high school. What awaits them? Sure, it's gonna be tougher, but having each other for strength and support makes them ready to beat the odds and show how love wins every time! For non-manga readers, you get the gist of it despite the skips, and it felt pretty good. You got to see the post-credits! Some major panels were drawn and shown for more strings attached! Could’ve been better if these were actual parts of the series.

Too bad the ending felt rushed. (Who here hopes for a Season 2?) Need more? Go on and read the manga. Now!


Author’s Over-all Rating: 8.3

Plot: 7.5/10 | It was a fast-played one, omitting crucial panels/chapters that would have spiced up the series. For a slice-of-life genre, the manga has its ploy of a slow-paced development of romance and focuses more on other life aspects - in which the animation failed to capture. Most chapters get to see the ups-and-downs of the main leads’ romance (that’s what we are here for, right?). Manga readers felt robbed of the greater scenes. On the bright side, it was great to see other forms of love drawn in with the spotlight given to the supporting characters since love’s not only towards a “special half”. Fairly satisfying but yearning for more!

Animation: 8.5/10 | A festival of colors! Illustration-wise, the series had dynamic color tones that gave off the vibe and emotions of the characters. Great use of contrasts and color schemes to magnify the feels. We get to see the beau of the characters as they are in the manga. Animation is not the best, but surely it coordinates well with the flow and mood. Highly satisfactory.

Development: 9/10 | What struck the most is Miyamura. True that high schoolers are the most provocative and fragile. He has inferiority complex which, throughout the series, became his renewed strength, supported by his friends and a special someone (Hori being the greatest influence). Doing what he never imagined he could, taking a step into the world he never knew existed, being able to display his real self in front of people - all these were possible as he began to accept himself and receive love from the people around him. He warmed up, and thus his growth came about. He no longer stays in the shadow. He no longer fears his old self, the timid, gloomy and frightful of change. If not for love, how can these changes be brought upon? Highly satisfactory.

Light vs. shadow | The contrast created a distinction of a "change" from the old (dark) to a new (bright) Miyamura.
Light vs. shadow | The contrast created a distinction of a "change" from the old (dark) to a new (bright) Miyamura.
“If not for that tiny happenstance…”

Flashbacks and what-ifs came by. What if Hori never talked to him that day? Hori has been instrumental to Miyamura’s change. Coincidentally, Hori softened and showed a cute side, different from her strong, intimidating character. They are really meant for each other.

“Even if that thing you call fate didn’t exist, I think the world still would’ve pushed me, little by little, towards the place I wanted to be.”

Miyamura being a non-believer of fate nor destiny. You should walk the talk! The change starts with YOU. If you are willing to succumb to changes, chances are you’ll get what you are seeking. But if you continue to close your doors, you’ll keep falling apart. He chose to be the former and the results are evident! The world might be scary, cruel and traumatic, still it’s a great venture and worth the shot!

Hori, the biggest influencer of Miyamura's change | The heroine!
Hori, the biggest influencer of Miyamura's change | The heroine!
“If I could, I would give you the sky.”

Miyamura’s self-dialogue sure packs a punch! Hits differently from a man’s point-of-view. It’s rare to see how love changes somebody from a man’s perspective. Miyamura knows how to bend gender roles for the last time! The constant feeling of wanting to do more for someone dear to you - Miyamura continues to go all out for Hori. As long as you are together, the sky’s the limit!

You will surely be missed!

To more cheerful years together!

Last panel together!
Last panel together!

Thank you for the smiles, laughs and a good story!

Horimiya, signing-off!


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